ProMaster Achromatic Close-Up Lenses

ProMaster Achromatic Close-Up Lenses


Fairfield, CT—ProMaster introduced their lineup of ProMaster Achromatic Close-Up lenses. Like a filter, the precisionengineered diopters screw onto the front of a lens. Moreover, once attached, they allow the lens to focus closer. ProMaster produces and markets accessories for still photography and videography.

The close-up lenses provide a bright, clear image in the viewfinder because they do not restrict any light entering the camera. In addition, their double achromatic glass elements reduce chromatic aberrations and improve sharpness. As a result, photographers can capture macro and close-up images with minimized aberration. ProMaster-Achromatic-Closeup-samplepix

“Each Achromatic Close-Up lens delivers extreme edge-to-edge sharpness, which is especially important when photographing flat objects,” the company noted. “The two-element design provides excellent control of chromatic aberration, a common problem when using a cheap, single-element close-up lens.”

ProMaster Achromatic Close-Up Lenses

In addition, unlike extension tubes, there is no loss of light when using a ProMaster Achromatic Close-Up lens. And while installing an extension tube exposes the camera’s sensor to dust and the elements, photographers can install these close-up lenses safely in any environment. What’s more, they are a portable, easy-to-use tool for use by both professionals and enthusiasts. ProMaster-Logo

With magnification values of +3 or +5, the Achromatic Close-Up lenses are available in six popular mounting sizes. They include 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, as well as 77mm. For even more magnification, photographers can also use them in concert with extension tubes or a dedicated macro lens.

Furthermore, ProMaster Achromatic Close-Up lenses are designed in the United States and made in Japan. Camera stores throughout North America as well as Australia offer the close-up lenses. Retail prices start at $74.95. A complete list of specifications is available at


For more than 60 years, ProMaster has sold products exclusively through independently owned photo specialty stores. Moreover, it is committed to supporting the efforts of locally owned businesses.