ProMaster XC-M Tripod Collection Debuts

ProMaster XC-M Tripod Collection Debuts

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Las Vegas, NV—ProMaster introduced the follow-up to their best-selling XC series of tripods. The Xtreme Compact Modular tripod (XC-M tripod for short) is a complete reinvention of the brand’s XC tripods. However, the tripods maintain their predecessor’s travel-friendly design. The transverse leg design of these tripods allows the new XC-M 522 tripod to fold down to just more than 12 inches for storage and transport. The larger XC-M 525 folds down to 15 inches.

XC-M Tripod Features

Each leg’s angle and length are independently adjustable, allowing the XC-M tripod to properly support a camera on uneven ground. In addition, the leg angle locks and twist locks were reengineered for a better tactile experience and more positive locking.

ProMaster 525 XC-M tripod Colors
ProMaster XC-M 525 color options

Moreover, the center column uses a new two-stage design; it provides maximum height yet a compact folded length. Any of the three legs can be removed and attached to the center column to be used as a full-size monopod.

Included with each XC-M tripod (and sold separately) is a completely reengineered ball head made from machined, high-grade aluminum. Its dual-action design uses separate knobs to adjust the ball tension and the panning control. Furthermore, the tension control knob has an integrated memory lock dial that allows users to set a repeatable tension stop. Each knob was also enhanced for comfort and ease of use; even in temperatures as low as 4˚ F.

Other features include multiple bubble levels for precise leveling; an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate with a strap slot; and an improved anti-twist material.

XC-M Tripod Accessories

Rounding out the XC-M collection is a variety of accessories that allow photographers to customize their tripods. ProMaster-XC-M-accessoriesExtension/Macro Leg sets are used to increase the height of the tripod by six to eight inches. They can also modify an XC-M tripod into a macro tripod. The leg sets for both the XC-M 522 and XC-M 525 come in aluminum ($24.95, $29.95) and carbon fiber ($35.95, $39.95).

All Terrain Feet include sand and snow baskets, plus stainless steel spikes for use on ice, dirt or grass (set of three, $29.95).

Ground-Level adapters permit photographers to get lower and closer to the ground for macro photography as well as unique perspectives (aluminum: $12.95, $15.95; carbon fiber: $16.95, $19.95).

ProMaster XC-M tripod tilting-column-adapter-522
ProMaster tilting column adapter

The tilting column adapter converts an XC-M tripod’s center column into a multi-position, adjustable boom ($29.95, $34.95).

In addition, custom-fit leg warmers make handling XC-M tripods more comfortable in cold weather (set of three: $14.95, $15.95).

The Mini-Dovetail clamp ($19.95) attaches to the factory-installed Mini-Dovetail plate ($9.95) on the yoke of an XC-M tripod. This allows for quick attachment of photographic accessories via the clamp’s 3/8″-16 threaded port.

Moreover, the Hipster is a new system that offers multiple ways of carrying an XC-M tripod ($29.95).

“As impressive as these tripods are right out the box, the

ProMaster-Hipster-Strap-522C for XC-M tripods
ProMaster Hipster

modularity is truly breathtaking,” said Mike C. Northrup, ProMaster’s director of Sales. “Each of these tripods can be customized, thanks to the expansive line of accessories that make up the rest of the XC-M series.”

XC-M Tripod Availability

Both ProMaster’s XC-M 522 and the XC-M 525 come in aluminum and carbon fiber versions. Aluminum models are available in black, silver, yellow, red, orange and blue. Carbon fiber models are offered exclusively in black or silver.

The XC-M 522 in aluminum retails for $149.95; in carbon fiber, $229.95. The XC-M 525 in aluminum has an SRP of $179.95; in carbon fiber, $259.95.