Samsung Debuts Branded SD and microSD Memory Cards

Samsung Debuts Branded SD and microSD Memory Cards


Ridgefield Park, NJ—Samsung Electronics America is now shipping a new line of advanced SD and microSD cards geared for digital imaging and mobile devices. The seven new models of memory cards are available as part of either the High Speed series or the Plus Extreme Speed series, both of which deliver up to 24MB/sec read with a capacity of 4 gigabytes or higher.

Styled with a brushed metal design, Samsung’s new SD and microSD cards are built to meet the growing demand for high-speed and high-capacity memory in modern devices, such as digital cameras, camcorders, smartphones and tablets. With maximum read speeds of 24MB/sec, the cards allow users to transfer 1GB of images in 42 seconds.

“It is our goal at Samsung to deliver superior performance, reliability and a stylish design across all of our product lines, including our memory line,” said Reid Sullivan, senior vice president, Samsung Electronics America. “Utilizing our 19 years of experience in memory manufacturing, we’ve built both lines of SD and microSD cards for performance. With read speeds of up to 24MB/sec and max write speeds of 13MB/sec (High Speed line) and 21MB/sec (Plus Extreme Speed line), as well as meeting our ‘three-proof’ reliability standard, these cards represent the ultimate in digital imaging and mobile computing storage.”

In order to ensure their reliability, Samsung designed both lines of memory products to be waterproof, shockproof and magnet proof. All models are guaranteed to survive up to 24 hours in water, withstand the force of a 1.6-ton vehicle (3,200 pounds) and resist up to 10,000 gauss (slightly less than the power of a medical imaging magnet).

Samsung’s High Speed series of SD cards comes in the following capacities and MSRPs: 2GB, $9.99; 4GB, $14.99; 8GB, $24.99; 16GB, $44.99; and 32GB, $89.99. The microSD cards also come in: 2GB, $9.99; 4GB, $14.99; 8GB, $24.99; 16GB, $44.99; and 32GB, $89.99.

The Plus Extreme Speed series of SD and microSD cards come in 8GB ($29.99) and 16GB ($54.99) versions.