Seagate Debuts Data Rescue and Hardware Replacement Service

Seagate Debuts Data Rescue and Hardware Replacement Service


Cupertino, CA—Seagate Technology launched Seagate Rescue and Seagate Rescue and Replace data protection plans, with coverage starting at $29.99. The protection plans, which are applicable for nearly any brand of internal or external hard disk drive or solid state drive, cover drive replacement and data recovery services for data that is contained on the drive.

Data recovery services include retrieval of data that may have been lost due to physical damage, corruption or accidental deletion. The protection plan will be offered on a global scale following launches in Canada and Europe later this year and throughout the Asia Pacific region in mid 2014.

“Seagate is very much aware of the level of trust our customers are putting in us by placing their data on our drives. We always advocate backing up, but there may be times when those photos, videos and data might not have made it to a duplicate copy before something goes wrong,” said Scott Horn, vice president, Marketing, Seagate. “These new data protection plans offer an easy and user-friendly method of helping consumers manage the challenging experience of the potential loss of their most important files, data and memories. We provide peace of mind for those unforeseen events that might damage a drive or its contents.”

In an era when most everything is stored in an electronic format on a hard drive—from an archived music library to family photos and video—those moments captured are keepsakes that cannot be captured again if lost. The hard cost of recovering data from a damaged or corrupted drive can often reach into the thousands of dollars, where highly skilled technicians must manually disassemble the drive and recover the data bit by bit, added Horn. Being able to receive data recovery services and also get a replacement drive at an up-front nominal fee provides an option to avoid the high cost of data recovery services.

The service will first be made available through and will later be able to be purchased from retail and manufacture partners at the time one purchases a computer, external storage or NAS.

The Seagate Rescue plans come in two-year ($29.99), three-year ($39.99) and four-year ($49.99) MSRP packages. The plan for Seagate Rescue and Replace, where the data is restored and a new drive is provided, has two-, three- and four-year options for $39.99, $49.99 and $59.99, respectively.