Sigma Capture Pro 1.1.1. Available for Download

Sigma Capture Pro 1.1.1. Available for Download


Ronkonkoma, NY—Sigma Corporation’s Sigma Capture Pro 1.1.1 software update is available for download. When using either Sigma Capture Pro 1.1.1 for Windows or Macintosh, it is now possible to create black-and-white images in RAW or RAW+JPEG mode.
In conjunction with the Mac OS X 10.8.4, the update corrects the phenomenon where the Sigma Capture Pro shuts down unexpectedly when the user selects “Camera Control” in the “USB mode” on Sigma SD1or SD1 Merrill and connects it to the computer.

Additionally, Sigma Capture Pro allows photographers to tether the Sigma SD1 camera to their computer and take control over camera settings and capture images remotely.

The company also announced that firmware upgrades for the Sigma SD1 and Sigma SD1 Merrill are available for download. The firmware improves the accuracy of flash light control of the built-in flash and refined the AF algorithm and improved the AF operation accordingly. It is especially effective for those lenses from Sigma's Art, Contemporary and Sports lens lines.