Sirui USA Photo & Video Mobile Accessories

Sirui USA Photo & Video Mobile Accessories



Verona, NJ—Sirui USA debuted a line of mobile accessories designed to help broaden the creativity of smartphones for photography and videography. The line consists of lenses, protective cases, lens mount adapters, remote shutter releases and a motorized dolly.

          Sirui Mobile Accessories

Sirui Lens

The Sirui lens line consists of three options made with German-manufactured Schott optical glass with multilayer antireflection coatings to increase light transmission, enable precise color rendition and reduce vignetting and distortion. The lenses also feature all metal construction. Their bayonet operates with the company’s cases and also adapters. In addition, each lens comes with front and rear lens caps and a protective Sirui carry pouch. With the average focal length of today’s smartphones at about 29mm, the lenses are designed to adjust that focal length to 18mm, 60mm and a fisheye perspective.

Sirui 60mm Mobile Portrait Lens

The 18mm wide-angle lens (model SU18WA) can be used for bringing more of the scene into the image. As a companion, Sirui also offers a wide-angle circular polarizer filter (model SU18WACPL, $19.94) to accomplish three objectives: to cut out the glare in a scene; to saturate colors, particularly when shooting a landscape; and to improve the color of the sky. Suggested retail price: $89.94.

The 60mm portrait/selfie lens (model SU60SA) is engineered to capture the clarity and depth needed when shooting a portrait or when photographers want to get closer to a subject. $89.94.

Sirui Mobile Fisheye Lens

The fisheye lens (model SUFE) is for use when the widest field of view is needed to get the shot. The lens expands a smartphone’s lens to bring the entire scene into the frame with a 170º angle of view. $89.94.

Sirui Mobile Phone Protective Case for iPhone 7

Sirui mobile accessories also include a phone protective case (model SUMP7).  It’s made from durable environmental PC and TPU materials molded to fit the phone. A built-in lens mount lets users attach any of the three Sirui lenses. The cases come in black or white. $29.94.

Sirui Remote Control Handle/Shutter Release

To add more flexibility to the Sirui mobile phone protective case, users can add the optional remote control handle/shutter release (model SUMP6S). The device controls the shutter by sliding onto the case to become a handle. In addition, it can be used remotely up to nearly 33 feet away via Bluetooth. The unit is available in both black and pink to match the protective cases. $19.94.

Sirui Protective Case/Remote Control Handle/Shutter Release Kit

Sirui also offers a kit with both the mobile phone protective case and the remote control handle/shutter. It’s available for the iPhone 6s in black and pink. $44.94.

Sirui Mobile Phone Lens Mount Adapter

For phoneographers looking for a lens solution without having to attach a full case to the phone, Sirui offers mobile phone lens mount adapters (model SUMP) that slide on the phone and can be used to position the lens on the front or back of the phone. Furthermore, no adhesive or straps required to attach the mount. The adapters come in six models and are designed for the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and also the Samsung S7 Edge. The iPhone 7 models are available in black and white. $9.94.

Sirui Portable Electronic Dolly

Sirui Portable Electronic Dolly

This portable electronic dolly (model SUEM-1) is designed to help create videos when uniform motion and consistent speed are needed to create fluid video sequences.  It’s constructed of aircraft aluminum alloy as well as ABS materials to make the dolly portable and durable.

Eight speed-motorized or manual-movement modes are available, and a five-hour battery life can help finish a project without stopping for battery charging. The phone clamps into the support arm and is positioned with two separate adjustment points. The motion can be in a straight line or in a curve with the adjustable manual front wheel angle. With the supplied remote control, both the Sirui portable electronic dolly and the phone can be controlled. $189.94.