Sony’s WG-C10 Portable Wireless Server: A Storage, Charging and Sharing Solution

Sony’s WG-C10 Portable Wireless Server: A Storage, Charging and Sharing Solution


San Diego, CA—For on-the-go photo enthusiasts and mobile device users, Sony’s new WG-C10 portable wireless server provides options for storing and sharing content at home or on the road.

The lightweight device also serves as a battery charger, card reader/writer and additional storage, giving users more control when managing their photos, videos, music files and documents.

The WG-C10 connects several devices via Wi-Fi at one time, allowing up to eight users to simultaneously share and playback different content on their smartphones, tablets or PCs. When using the server, there’s no need to be in range of a public Wi-Fi network to transfer photos wirelessly between devices with built-in Wi-Fi.

For photographers on the road, the WG-C10 allows them to send photos from a camera’s memory card for immediate uploads via a smartphone to social networks. Or, they can slip in a camera’s memory card and wirelessly stream photos and videos via Wi-Fi for play back on a smartphone or tablet. To further enhance sharing camera, camcorder and PC files, the device includes slots for SD cards, Memory Stick Duo and USB flash drives.

“We’ve all experienced these scenarios: my smartphone’s memory is full. I can’t upload photos to Facebook from my camera. I lost my phone and all my data, or my smartphone is out of power,” said Viviano Cantu, director of consumer media marketing at Sony Electronics. “With this wireless server, users have easy access to their data and added peace of mind. It’s an ideal companion for photo enthusiasts, business travelers and families on vacation.”

The portable server also functions as a backup power source for digital cameras and smartphones, providing up to 10 hours of continuous operation. Plus, if a smartphone or tablet does not have a memory card slot, it can become a Wi-Fi memory card reader/writer. All controls are managed by the smartphone or tablet through the PWS Manager app, which is available for download through Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

Sony’s WG-C10 portable wireless server with a supplied USB cable will be available in early summer at a suggested retail price of $89.99.