2014 Storage Visions Conference Awards Submissions and Call for Speakers Open

2014 Storage Visions Conference Awards Submissions and Call for Speakers Open


San Jose, CA—The Thirteenth Annual Storage Visions Conference, to be held at the Riviera Hotel Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 5–6, 2014, is accepting award submissions from now until November 14, 2013. In addition, speaking submissions for the conference are being accepted through September 13, 2013 via the conference website storagevisions.com.

The conference theme is Fast Is Beautiful, but Size Matters.  Speaker submissions and conference registration is now open. A preliminary conference agenda can be seen at storagevisions.com/2014Agenda.htm. Event management expects larger attendance than previous years, and with a larger exhibit space, the exhibit and sponsorship offerings have been expanded.

“4K TVs are moving to the mainstream and with new compression technologies using HEVC content for these devices is possible using conventional electronic and physical distribution technology. 8K production is now in its infancy, but within 10 years a major video production project could create over an exabyte of content. This will drive demand for flash memory, hard disk drives, optical discs and magnetic tape,” commented Tom Coughlin of Coughlin Associates, a conference organizer.

“Increasing collaborative workflows, online cloud-based archiving and Internet-based content distribution will drive demand for more networked storage,” he continued. “Social networks as well as Internet-based video are expanding the options and capabilities to have access to all content, anywhere, at any time. At the same time there appears to be a major movement to solid state hybrid hard disk drives that could lead to a new generation of ‘fat tablets’ as well as thin, light and capacious ultra-light notebook computers.

“As a consequence of these developments, we might say that ‘Fast Is Beautiful,’ since it provides the means to get more content to where it needs to go, but at the same time storage volumes are increasing since content capture, postproduction, content delivery and especially content preservation and archiving need more storage capacity and thus ‘Size Matters.’ ”

Both the Art of Storage Award and the Visionary Products Award candidates are now being solicited for digital storage products, systems, applications and companies for every aspect of the digital content value chain. Award candidates can be submitted at storagevisions.com/2014Awards.htm.

The Visionary Products Award categories are as follows.

Mobile Consumer Electronics:
Mobile personal systems utilizing onboard digital storage featuring small packaging, shock resistance, remote access and low-power usage.

Home Consumer Storage
: Advanced development of digital storage devices and media used in domestic consumer electronics systems.

Enabling Storage Technology:
Visionary components and software technology enabling next-generation consumer and professional media devices.

Professional M&E Class Systems:
Systems using digital storage technologies supporting the media and entertainment industry.

Professional M&E Class Storage:
Advanced development of digital storage technologies, devices and media used by the media and entertainment industry.

Additionally, a special award in three categories will be presented to firms that have shown extraordinary dedication to the development and support of the show theme: “Advancing the state of the art in storage technologies utilized in consumer electronics, in the media and entertainment industries and to service firms that support those businesses.” Categories for these awards include: Consumer Electronics; Media and Entertainment; and Services and Support.

The Art of Storage Award recognizes innovations in design for customer ease of use and good industrial design in digital storage applications, storage media and digital storage devices. The award also recognizes appealing and clever aesthetic features in digital storage applications, devices and media.

The Storage Visions Conference is a premier event that brings together digital storage oriented people from throughout the digital content creation, distribution and use value chain. CEOs, industry leaders, manufacturers and end users will gather at Storage Visions 2014 in a relaxed and informative environment where attendees can network and discover the trends that will drive business tied to higher content stereoscopic resolution, more distribution channels and new digital storage technologies.

There are a limited number of sponsorships and exhibit spaces available for the 2014 Storage Visions Conference. For sponsorship and exhibit opportunities, log on to storagevisions.com.