Storing, Transporting & Personalizing

Storing, Transporting & Personalizing


NewerTech’s miniStack – Mega External Storage

With a growing need for additional hard drive space all the rage today, we have been delighted to see a large array of products enter the market in the last year or so that address this growing need. The industry is burying consumers in digital content and they simply have no place to put it.

Enter NewerTech’s latest effort in this area, the miniStack v3, an external and very portable hard drive that’s available in a wide array of capacities (up to 1TB). No bigger than a mini DVD player, if a bit thicker (6.5-inch x 6.5-inch), the miniStack v3 is a breeze to set up via USB or FireWire and you’ll soon discover the drive’s lightening speed (7200 rpm) makes copying over files a snap. NewerTech even includes a short 7-inch FireWire and USB cable to make the connection between the device and your computer – no out-of-box cable hassles.

Another bright spot was found in the fact the miniStack V3 has a smart power on/off feature as well, which will turn your miniStack on and off with the computer, saving you the trouble of reaching behind the unit and feeling around for the power switch every day. Another hassle-saver. On the connection front, you’ll find 3 USB 2 ports, 1 FireWire 400 port (located on the side of the miniStack) along with 2 FireWire 800 ports, as well an eSATA port. In short, you’re well covered here. Their v2 unit doesn’t include the FireWire 800 or eSATA ports, thus the lighter price tag on the v2 ($69.99 – no hard drive kit and $329.99 for 750GB – v3 – $119.99 -no hard drive kit and up to $549.99 for 1TB) might be more appealing to your customers that aren’t in the higher end realm just yet.

With the DSLR market coming on strong and all manner of content being moved to the computer, simple, affordable storage options are becoming a hot item today. NewerTech is offering up several solutions in this area that imaging specialists may want to take a closer look at. For more information contact Bob Boldt at 815-308-7001 x11 or

Lowepro’s Latest Bags – Innovation/Quality

Lowepro continues to bring innovation and quality to the camera bag market and two of their more recent releases, the Fastpack and Flipside simply continue this run.

The Fastpack line is a true gear bag, designed for the on-the-go shooter who needs to access equipment quickly and easily. The packs triple compartment design allows the user to carry a wide variety of equipment as each area is designed for specific gear. A DSLR, extra lenses or flash units as well as a notebook computer can all be stored with room to spare – despite the fact the bags outward appearance would suggest otherwise. The 180-degree access panel on the bottom portion of the bag makes loading and retrieving gear quick and hassle-free and the inside adjustable compartments can be customized to individual needs. An outer flap that locks over the photo equipment area provides additional security.

Several outer accessory pockets provide a space for smaller items such as portable drives, iPods, cell phones, mp3s and the like. The line is available in red, blue and black.

Lowepro’s Flipside bag introduces a new, more narrow design to the Lowepro portfolio, providing the user with an even more lightweight option. A unique backdoor compartment entry gives the user a safe and easy way to access the packs’ contents. We found this design also provided extra security as the pack’s opening rests against the users back when in transit. The Flipside also features a removable accessory pouch that was perfect for cables, drives and chargers. The fact this pouch was removable provided additional convenience when removing the aforementioned items, as well as when putting them back. Add a nifty, hideaway tripod holder and the usual water-resistant outer fabric from Lowepro and the Flipside proved to be a versatile, mid-size option for the new DSLR owner looking for something a little less bulky than the usual SLR bag fare.

DiscPainter CD/DVD Printer –Images on Media with Ease

A stand alone disc printer might initially seem like a bit much when you consider a few home printers now include this option and the fact most consumers haven’t been printing on that many of their discs, opting instead for the Sharpie method. However, in this new world we wake to everyday, where consumers want to personalize everything they own, a product like Dymo’s DiscPainter has unique appeal.

A small footprint (not quite the size of a breadbox) makes DiscPainter attractive as a peripheral as the unit can be placed along side the computer with little clutter and the unit’s lightweight makes it rather portable as well. Setting DiscPainter up was a pretty easy process that involved loading the included ink cartridge into the device, connecting power and USB cables, followed by loading in the included Discus software – used for designing the layouts and triggering the printing process. A clear window above the disc tray allows users to watch media (CDs/DVDs) during the printing process.

The unit’s Discus software was also fairly easy to use as the user simply imports and positions pictures, designs, and/or text and are then allowed to preview the final design before selecting. The software can also import layouts created in programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Dymo dubs their in-unit print technology as RadialPrint – a process that lays down the ink directly on to the disc as it spins. The quality of the finished print is impressive and, unlike discs that go through an inkjet printer, there is no wait time for handling – the disc is ready as soon as you take it out of the unit. For a little over $250, this digital “accessory” makes for a fun creative outlet within a process that has had its troubles over the years – labeling and organizing CDs/DVDs.