Tiffen, Steadicam & Lowel Products Launch for the Holidays

Tiffen, Steadicam & Lowel Products Launch for the Holidays


Hauppauge, NY—Just in time for the holidays the Tiffen Company is introducing three new products for content creators. The new products span three of the company’s brands.

Lowel Tota LED Production Kit

Lowel, a division of the Tiffen Company, debuted the Tota LED Production Kit. The travel kit combines three Tota LED lighting fixtures with combination V-mount/AC power supplies; three stands; a silver reflective Tota-brella; and also a white silk Tota-brella in a custom soft case. The easy-traveling location lighting kit is also quick deploying.

Tiffen Lowel Tota LED PK-HR-1
Lowel Tota LED Production Kit

The Tota LED provides a daylight source that offers illumination for use indoors and outdoors with a CRI of 96.3. The ability to power the lights off of AC power or V-mount batteries makes the Tota LED a flexible location light. Moreover, the unit has a low power draw for hours of light using common professional batteries.

In addition, Lowel says it sets up in minutes. Moreover, photographers can use the Tota LED outdoors for stand ups, for increasing the ambient illumination of a space. They can also use it as a three-light setup for interviews. Furthermore, the Tota-brellas offer more options for modifying the Tota LED’s light by reflecting it to create smooth shadows or as a direct diffuser.

Lowel Tota LED PK-HR-2
Lowel Tota LED Production Kit in case

What’s more, the LED floodlight features all-metal construction to withstand the rigors of daily location shooting. Its daylight balanced LEDs (5600K) output the equivalent of a 750w tungsten fixture with flicker-free dimming from 100-0%.

The custom case securely stores the fixtures and accessories with internal dividers for transportation or shipping. It also features an additional zippered compartment and a padded shoulder strap.

Finally, the Lowel Tota LED Production Kit offers ENG and independent productions a complete lighting package that retails for $1,372.50.

Steadicam Air Spreader

Tiffen Steadicam-Air-Spreader-2
Steadicam Air Spreader

In addition, Steadicam, a division of the Tiffen Company, introduced the Steadicam Air Spreader. The foldable, screw-in, three-leg base is an option for the Steadicam Air 15 or Air 25 gas-powered monopod.

The Air Spreader increases the overall stability of the monopod while offering the potential for more comfortable operation, depending on the application. The device maintains its functionality with rapid deployment and gas-powered lift assistance with either base option.

Also, an adjustable friction ball head at the top of the Air Spreader allows the angle of the monopod to be adjusted dynamically and locked into place for creative applications.

Steadicam Air Spreader and ball head

Moreover, available as an accessory to the Steadicam Air 15 and Air 25 monopods, it is installed in under a minute. Users unscrew the post that connects the standard rubber foot at the bottom of the monopod and screw the Air Spreader into its place. Once attached, the Spreader’s legs fold up for stowage in the Steadicam Air carrying case without removal. The Air Spreader retails for $40.

Tiffen Unveils +1/8 and +1/4 Full-Field Diopters

Tiffen also added two 138mm full-field diopters, +1/8 and +1/4, to their existing family of close-up optics. The diopters give filmmakers and videographers more options for crafting compelling images and increasing the usefulness of their lenses.

“The much-requested, lower-powered diopters subtly extend the focus capabilities of lenses, especially popular anamorphic and older spherical lenses, without distortion; this allows the camera to move closer to the subject, creating more intimacy and drama in a scene,” the company announced. The diopters also create a shallower depth of field to isolate subjects and remove unwanted background elements.

Tiffen Full-Field Diopter

In addition, the +1/8 and +1/4 diopters share a uniform 138mm diameter. As a result, they work with standard accessories like matte boxes and diopter holders. Moreover, they match the existing Tiffen family of diopters that includes +1/2, +1, +2, and +3. Each of the full-field close-up diopters retail for $398.70.