GoPro Buys Up Splice and Replay Video-Editing Apps

GoPro Buys Up Splice and Replay Video-Editing Apps

Apps to Bolster Mobile Editing and Sharing Capabilities for GoPro Users


San Mateo, CA—GoPro, Inc., announced agreements to acquire two leading mobile video-editing apps—Replay and Splice. By merging the two apps into its mobile strategy, the company hopes to make good on its plans to address concerns about the difficulties of editing and sharing GoPro captured content by delivering simple, yet powerful, mobile editing solutions to its customers, as well as smartphone users.

According to reports, GoPro paid out a combined $105 million to Stupeflix, the creator of Replay, and Vemory, Splice’s developer.


Created by Stupeflix in Paris, France, Replay is an award-winning app that allows users to quickly select video clips and photos and automatically combines them into a single video. The videos can contain transition effects, graphics and synchronized music.


From Austin, Texas-based Vemory, Splice is an award-winning mobile editor that enables users to manually create customized edits with advanced features normally found on desktop editing applications—but with the speed and efficiency of a mobile app interface.
Splice-icon“Splice, Replay and GoPro will combine to deliver what we believe will be the fastest and also most enjoyable mobile editing experience,” said Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of GoPro. “We believe the accessibility, speed as well as efficiency of mobile will make it the predominant editing platform of the future.”

Both apps are currently available for iOS, and Android releases are planned for later this year. Both Replay and Splice’s teams will maintain operations in their current locations, Paris and Austin.