SiOnyx Aurora Pro Action Camera: 3x Better Color Night Vision

SiOnyx Aurora Pro Action Camera: 3x Better Color Night Vision

SiOnyx Aurora Pro

Las Vegas, NV—From a leader in infrared imaging technology, the SiOnyx Aurora Pro is a second generation of the company’s HD color day/night action video camera. Unveiled earlier this year, the Pro action cam expands on SiOnyx’s patented ultralow-light sensor technology with upgraded imaging abilities. Moreover, it now has the ability to utilize an augmented reality software update.

The Pro offers state-of-the-art night vision for a wide range of uses. They include hunting, shooting sports, boating, fishing, hiking as well as law enforcement.

SiOnyx Aurora Pro Features

Furthermore, it employs a second-generation SiOnyx XQE sensor with more than two times an improvement in nighttime performance. In addition, it provides 3x an improvement in 940 nm sensitivity for near-infrared (NIR) illuminator applications.

What’s more, it has augmented reality (AR) features designed for team sports and maritime navigation aids. In addition, the camera uses an upgraded low-distortion lens with a wider field of view. It also supports SD memory cards up to 256GB.

SiOnyx Aurora Pro

“The Pro is our most powerful and advanced camera to date; it improves upon our existing high-performing digital night vision technology to enable the superhuman ability to see in the dark,” said Stephen Saylor, CEO of SiOnyx. “With the addition of AR capabilities for situational awareness, you can move through the dark more confidently—whether you’re a sailor navigating out of a port at first light; an AirSoft player coordinating with a teammate across the field; or a law enforcement officer in the line of duty.”

The Aurora Pro joins the lineup of existing SiOnyx cameras. Further, last year, SiOnyx released the Sport as an entry-level version of the camera. The Pro provides advanced high caliber optics technology for those who are in need of the enhanced features.

The SiOnyx Pro has a retail price of $799.