Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro II & InfiniBar 4-Light Kits Debut

Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro II & InfiniBar 4-Light Kits Debut


Los Angeles, CA—Aputure, creators of LED lighting for filmmakers, introduced the Light Storm 600c Pro II. It is a major upgrade to its workhorse lighting fixture. The company also announced two lighting kits in its InfiniBar line: the InfiniBar PB6 and PB12 4-light kits. The company is exhibiting the new products at the 2024 Cine Gear Expo (Stage 19, Booth S9307) in Burbank, California.

“Our customers trust Aputure to light their sets with power and reliability. And the Light Storm lineup is a staple for so many productions. Increased brightness—up to 85% when used with our F10 fresnel lens—and IP54 weather resistance in the LS 600c Pro II will make a crucial difference, especially on the most rigorous and demanding projects,” said Ted Sim, Aputure cofounder and president. “Users have been asking for it. It is our job to deliver.”

Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro II

The LS 600c Pro II significantly improves upon its predecessor with nearly double the brightness, higher flicker-free performance, smoother dimming as well as IP54 weather resistance. Further, Aputure made the updates following customer input. Moreover, the fixture fits into the Aputure ecosystem, using standard accessories to increase usability and performance. For example, it can control lights wirelessly via the Sidus Link app.

Aputure Light Storm 600c Pro II

Additionally, the Light Storm 600c Pro II is a color-tunable point-source COB light. With its Bowens mount, it accepts modifiers to become a fresnel, a soft light, a projector or a hard open-face par. Other benefits are its portable size, dual battery mounts as well as CRMX/DMX/Bluetooth connectivity.

Among the LS 600c Pro II’s improvements is increased output—it’s up to 85% brighter. This is due to a new light engine design that increases output efficiency while maintaining power draw and color quality. What’s more, a new formulation of LED emitters raises the output of the bare light by 35%. Aputure says this design is even better with modifiers. It yields 82% more light when used with the included Hyper-Reflector and 70–85% more when paired with the F10 fresnel. Aputure-LS-600c-Pro-II-wet

Another upgrade is head-to-toe IP54 dust and weather protection for working in extreme environments. New seals on every connector and around components allow the lamp head, control box and cabling to perform outdoors in severe weather.

The LS 600c Pro II also works with all Aputure accessories, using the same Bowens-mount modifiers. The light offers all the features of its predecessor. The 600W full-color point-source LED fixture has a 720W maximum power draw and a daylight output comparable to 1200W HMI. It has a suggested retail price of $2,490 (V and Gold mount).

Aputure InfiniBar 4-Light Kits

Aputure also expands portability with two 4-light kits. Plus, it adds more functionality to its InfiniBar line with new power and mounting accessories. The InfiniBar PB6 and PB12 4-light kits bundle four of Aputure’s high-pixel-density linear lights in two- or four-foot lengths, respectively. In addition, new power options include a new battery adapter, while mounting options deliver greater usability and portability.

Aputure-InfiniBar-1DX_3614-Aputure-Light Storm 600c Pro II
Aputure InfiniBar

This release refreshes the InfiniBar family that was introduced a year ago with more options to accommodate various productions. “When our InfiniBar power users asked for more portable options and accessories, we listened. Our new 4-light kits and accessories further expand on the functionality of the InfiniBar system by adding power options and mounting in portable kits a single person can transport,” commented Sim.

InfiniBars are color-tunable stick lights, with multi-pixel control and a flat bar design that allows them to be connected, making them more camera-ready. Now, they’re more portable, too, available in two- or four-foot lengths. At 50% less size and weight than the current 8-light kits, these 4-light kits are light enough for one person to bring onto a shoot.

Aputure-InfinBar-4-Light-Kit-Light Storm 600c Pro II
InfiniBar 4-Light Kit

Furthermore, the kits come with four InfiniBars packed in a protective case that holds a suite of the line’s accessories. The kit is bundled with additional DC male-to-male power cables, adapters as well as light control grids in a rolling hard case that fits in a standard vehicle. In addition to charging each light individually, the kits come with a 330W power adapter with four-way splitters that simultaneously charge all fixtures in or out of the case.

The new InfiniBar PB4 4-light kit has an SRP of $2,590. The PB12 4-light kit retails for $2,790.

InfiniBar Accessories

In addition, Aputure announced the following accessories.

Passive Connectors

InfiniBar Passive Connectors are metal splicing connectors that connect multiple InfiniBars in a variety of patterns. Consequently, they make building shapes easier, with straight, three-way, four-way and six-way flat variations. They include short 5.5mm DC jumper cables that allow users to control how they distribute power to their InfiniBar arrays.


The InfiniBar 1/4-20-inch collapsible tripod base is a folding tripod stand that allows users to stand their lights up vertically without needing to rig or build any additional support frames for the fixture.

Aputure-InfiniBars-on-tripods-Aputure-Light Storm 600c Pro II
InfiniBars on new tripods
Battery Station

The InfiniBar battery power station is a 24V V-mount battery power solution. Moreover, it supports 14V, 26V and 28.8V V-mount batteries. It also outputs up to 200W of DC power. Users can manage DC power cable runs from the power station to their InfiniBar array or mount the station to lighting stands via a lighting clamp.

Tilting Mount

The InfiniBar tilting mounting bracket is a mounting accessory for the series fixtures, capable of tilting up to 90º. As a result, users can mount the fixture to walls and other rigging points at various angles. The brackets screw into both ends of any InfiniBar where connectors can be secured.

Power Adapter

The new power adapter kit contains a 330W AC-to-DC power adapter along with additional DC power cables. A single 330W power adapter also lets users power or charge up to 20 InfiniBars.