Argraph Adds Expanded Range of Marumi ND Filters & Sirui P-S Photo/Video...

Argraph Adds Expanded Range of Marumi ND Filters & Sirui P-S Photo/Video Monopods


Carlstadt, NJ—Argraph Corporation, the exclusive U.S. distributor of Marumi lens filters as well as Sirui photo/video support products, added a number of Marumi neutral density (ND) filters for still and video shooting. Argraph also announced new compact Sirui P-S photo/video monopods.

To enable photographers to create effects like moving water or shallow depth of field for selective focus, or to aid in achieving the perfect exposure when shooting on bright, sunny days, ND filters reduce the amount of light entering the lens. The darker the ND filter, the wider the aperture or slower the shutter can be, allowing users to create effects that are not possible without the use of such filters.

Marumi’s Digital High Grade (DHG) filter range was expanded to include ND filters with fixed densities of 8, 16, 32 or 64 in filter thread sizes from 37mm to 82mm. For those who want full flexibility and to save space, a line of variable ND filters was also introduced. Marumi Variable ND 2.5–ND 500 filters are available in two sizes: 58mm and 77mm. These are in addition to the original Marumi DHG variable ND filter range with sizes from 49mm to 82mm.

Marumi DHG filters are made in Japan with low reflectance coatings on the front and rear face, to reduce glare and reflections from the surface of the lens. The rim of the glass is blackened to prevent internal reflections. The DHG filters feature ultrathin frames to allow them to be used on wide-angle lenses without vignetting.

Sirui Compact P-S Photo/Video Monopods

Sirui’s new P-326S and P-426S multifunction photo/video monopods close 5–6 inches shorter than the brand’s four-section P-S monopods for easier portability. At around 22 inches when closed, they will fit into backpacks and carry-on luggage. Like all Sirui P-S monopods, they have three fold-down support feet that allow users to pan the monopod 360° and tilt 20° in any direction without worrying that it will move out of position. Users also can step on the feet for greater stability.

Sirui’s patented 360° panning handgrip is said to produce smooth panning effects. It’s foam-padded for a more comfortable feel and secure hold in cold or wet conditions. To tilt the monopod 20° in any direction, Sirui utilizes a precision ball head mechanism in the base of the monopod. Users can control the amount of drag they need by turning the tension control knob. To lock the monopod in a vertical position, they can screw down the vertical locking collar and it will stand upright on its support feet. The support feet can fold flush and lock into position against the monopod leg.

The feet can also be unscrewed to convert the Surui P-S monopod into a conventional monopod. When the feet are removed, a large rubber foot lets users work on slippery surfaces. This foot can be replaced with an included stainless steel spike for use outdoors. The feet also can be used as a tabletop or low-angle tripod.

Sirui P-S series monopods retail from $199.95 to $459.95. All Sirui products come with a six-year U.S. warranty when purchased from a U.S. authorized Sirui dealer.