Argraph Posts Info Video on Sirui P-S Multifunction Photo/Video Monopods

Argraph Posts Info Video on Sirui P-S Multifunction Photo/Video Monopods


Carlstadt, NJ—Argraph is showing a new video that demonstrates the patented features of the Sirui P-S multifunction photo/video monopods at

Sirui’s new P-S series monopods have three fold-down support feet that are engineered to provide stability and flexibility. The feet allow users to pan the monopod 360° and tilt 20° in any direction without worrying that the monopod will move out of position. Photographers can step on the feet for greater stability. A large rubber foot lets users work indoors on slippery surfaces, or it can be replaced with a stainless steel spike for use outdoors. And the feet fold flush and lock into position against the monopod leg. They  also unscrew to convert the Sirui P-S photo/video monopod into a conventional monopod. And, for added flexibility, the feet can be used as a low-angle or tabletop tripod.

The Sirui designed and patented 360° panning handgrip is said to produce smooth panning effects. It’s foam padded for a comfortable feel and secure hold in cold or wet conditions. If the panning function isn’t needed, photographers can tighten the locking collar.

Additional features include: the ability to add the Sirui MP-20 photo or VH-90 video quick-release platforms; adjustable friction control on the swivel ball lets users adjust tension for different weight equipment and resistance requirements; a patented base locking collar that keeps the monopod standing upright; its mounting plate comes with a double-headed, reversible screw that accommodates1/4-inch and 3/8-inch tripod sockets; and a lightweight, eight-layer 100% carbon fiber construction.

Sirui tripods are distributed in the U.S. exclusively by Argraph Corporation. As with all Sirui products, the new P-S series monopods come with a six-year warranty. The Sirui P-S series photo/video monopods range in price from $199.95 to $379.95.