Bitterroot Studio Helps Create Unique Mat Board Framing Solutions

Bitterroot Studio Helps Create Unique Mat Board Framing Solutions


Wheeling, IL—As consumers utilize their smartphones more and more for photography, they are turning to customized solutions to display their work. According to Chris Hosey, general manager at Bitterroot Studios, the world of framing is changing and “in a growing number of instances, the consumer wants to dictate the choice. And that’s where we come in to help the framer and the customer.”

And that’s why Bitterroot was created. “The consumer is now walking into a frame shop and telling them, ‘This is what I want,’ instead of the framer showing what they have available,” added Hosey. “We think this is an exciting time to be in the business, because we are limited only by the consumer’s imagination.”

Besides managing Bitterroot Studios, Hosey manages a company that supplies a large selection of precut, decorative and die-cut mats to the wholesale industry, Diamond Die and Bevel Cutting. “Our customers supply the framing industry and offer some of the widest selection of colors and choices in the country,” he explained. “

“In mat board, which is one of the secrets of good framing, we have thousands of color variations, but sometimes it’s not the one the consumer is looking for. So now we make them,” he added.

Hosey used the “baby feet” mat board as an example. “One customers wanted a unique mat board using images of their newborn’s feet right off the birth certificate.” So Hosey manufactured them. “Other people saw it, and it became a standardized item on the Bitterroot line,” he added.

Consumers are limited only by their imagination, and Hosey works closely with his framers, wholesalers and consumers to achieve unique, formalized presentations of their vision.

“You’re not going to want to frame every photo you take, but it’s good to know that when you have a shot you want, there are many alternatives to deliver the right framing effect, and mat board can make the difference.”
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