Tenba Tactical Axis v2 Camera Backpacks: More Features, More Comfort

Tenba Tactical Axis v2 Camera Backpacks: More Features, More Comfort


White Plains, NY—For professional content creators, photographers and filmmakers, the Tenba Tactical Axis v2 is the first camera bag with a hidden pocket for an Apple AirTag or Tile Bluetooth Tracker.

A special neoprene sleeve securely fits an AirTag or Tile Bluetooth Tracker so users can always find their camera bags. In addition, MOLLE webbing allows expandability with Tenba lens capsules, battery pouches and card wallets.

Tenba Tactical Axis v2 Features

The packs feature exclusive airflow harnesses and auto-adjusting straps to fit users of all sizes. Moreover, Tenba’s dual sternum straps help ensure better load-balancing across the chest. In addition, female users are able to position the straps above and below the chest for comfort.

Hidden AirTag sleeve

Furthermore, the airflow harness combines ventilating 3D airmesh and Tenba’s Pivot-Fit auto-adjusting straps to ensure a comfortable fit. All backpacks also include a strap that slides onto a rolling luggage handle.

Tenba’s reflective MOLLE webbing allows expandability with Tenba Tools lens capsules, battery pouches and memory card wallets, as well as military-standard pouches and accessories. The webbing has a subtle thread that is highly reflective to ensure safety when walking or riding a bike near cars at night.

Another 20L, 24L and 32L backpack feature is 3-point camera access. Users can exchange camera gear through the side, top or rear of the bag. Side access enables quick camera removal while wearing the bag. Top access lets users work out of the bag within a small footprint. Finally, rear access permits users to get at all the gear at once. tenba-tactical-axis-ve-tripod-gimbal-compatible

Moreover, users can attach tripods and gimbals to the front of the backpacks with the included security straps and store them inside the reinforced side pocket.

16L Backpack

In addition to updating the previous 20L, 24L and 32L backpack sizes, the Axis v2 collection includes a slim 16L backpack. It fits one to two cameras with the trinity of professional f/2.8 zoom lenses.

Top Loader Shoulder Bag

What’s more, the new Top Loader shoulder bag can fit a camera with an attached 24–70mm f/2.8. It can also expand to fit a 70–200mm f/2.8 lens. Its side MOLLE strap accepts a Tenba lens capsule to virtually double the bag’s capacity.

Tenba also officially sourced military-grade MultiCam Black fabric to make a second colorway for the Axis bags.

Tenba Axis v2 bags have suggested retail pricing of $79.95 to $309.95. Bags in the black fabric are available immediately. Bags in the MultiCam Black fabric will ship early September.