Canon Announces New Microsite for EOS Lenses

Canon Announces New Microsite for EOS Lenses


Melville, NY—Canon USA announced a new microsite “devoted to helping people understand the incredible power they can access when they look at the world through the right lens.” The microsite is designed to help consumers grow creatively and expand their photographic tools beyond kit lenses.

Visitors will be learn about the possibilities unlocked through the different types of lenses available to them: macro, zoom, telephoto, prime, wide-angle, STM, tilt-shift and fisheye. They’ll be able to see how each type of lens unlocks a different power and helps tell a unique story; for example, through a macro lens a ladybug can become a monster.

Through videos, sample imagery and educational video content, photographers and videographers from entry-level to advanced amateur status will learn how to determine which Canon EF or EF-S lenses will best help them create more powerful images with their EOS digital SLR cameras. Additionally, visitors will find quick tips for shooting with each category of lens, from fisheye to telephoto.

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