The Canon Digital Learning Center Offers Resources for Imaging Professionals

The Canon Digital Learning Center Offers Resources for Imaging Professionals


Melville, NY—To help filmmakers learn how to maximize the features of Canon equipment, the Canon Digital Learning Center (CDLC) now offers two new educational resources created with the professional image maker in mind: an XA25/XA20 camcorder video tutorial series and an easy-to-use field-of-view comparator tool.

In the new video tutorial series, CDLC contributor Jem Schofield shows how versatile the XA25/XA20 camcorders are, by demonstrating how they can also shoot cinematically with just a few simple settings adjustments. Available tutorials include: Shooting Action; Documentary Filmmaking; Multi-Camera Shooting; and Video Journalism Part 1 and 2.

Jem Schofield shows how to leverage the small form factor and the run-and-gun ENG style of XA25/XA20 camcorder to make the most of production in any situation. In “Shooting Action,” Schofield goes on location at the Venice Beach skatepark with local DP Mighty, filming a skateboarder. He covers how to shoot cinematically, how to use the wide-angle adapter, using the built in three-second pre-record, and slow motion recording.

In “Documentary Filmmaking,” he goes through autofocus controls, including face detection, custom control dial, manual controls and utilizing the built-in 20x optical zoom with image stabilization while Mighty shoots a documentary. In “Multi-Camera Shooting,” Schofield discusses time code, frame rates, using the Wi-Fi remote and utilizing the HD-SDI out on the XA25 while independent journalist Ana sets up and films a multi-camera web show with a live key.

In “Video Journalism Part 1,” Schofield is on location with Ana as she prepares to shoot a news segment. He goes over automatic features, audio adjustments, recording options and the built in infrared mode. In “Video Journalism Part 2,” he explains the Wi-Fi functionalities as Ana prepares her footage to upload to the web via tablet device.

In addition, Canon’s field-of-view comparator is a helpful tool that provides filmmakers with an approximate pre-visualization and comparison of camera models and sensor sizes with 8mm to 800mm focal length lenses.