Centr Camera Launches KickStarter Program for Interactive Panoramic Video Camera

Centr Camera Launches KickStarter Program for Interactive Panoramic Video Camera


San Francisco, CA—Centr Camera, a video camera that records 360° video in real-time yet fits in the palm of a hand, is now available on Kickstarter. Developed by a team of ex-Apple engineers who want to change the way we capture, consume and experience video, Centr allows users to “capture video and share it in a whole new way.”

With decades of experience working on cameras for the Apple iPhone, the Centr team won first place at the Stanford Product Showcase for its image-processing design. The Centr Camera they’ll deliver to Kickstarter backers is the product of three years of development.

Centr is designed to deliver high-quality panoramic video, which requires extensive and precise in-camera calibration. The camera employs 20 variables with each calibration, to ensure the panoramic image is the highest quality: “Each seam is scrutinized for key points and then matches are identified and vectored between adjacent cameras,” according to the developers. Custom designed optics also give Centr high resolution with minimal distortion.

The camera stitches videos together from four independent HD image sensors. The footage can be viewed though a desktop, smartphone or tablet in real-time via Wi-Fi and the Centr interactive player. Users can create panoramic time lapses as well as 360° selfies. In addition, Centr’s low profile and halo shape enable users to hold Centr without blocking any cameras with their hand. And camera settings can be easily changed and previewed from a user’s mobile device via the included app.

The Centr Camera features real-time 360º video recording at up to 60 frames per sec; Bluetooth-enabled mobile device controls; a quick-release battery; up to 4K panoramic video resolution; 20 megapixel time-lapse panoramic photos; and individual camera selection for when shooting 360º isn’t desired. Also provided are an interactive video player, real-time video stitching and built-in Wi-Fi for real-time video preview.

Weighing 9 ounces, the camera also features an ergonomic design, a splashproof enclosure, an integrated digital bubble level and compatibility with tripod and GoPro mounts.

A Kickstarter pledge will help deliver this new camera technology that requires no stitching software, no need to handle several SD cards nor the process of aligning images. The Centr Camera does it all automatically.

The Centr Camera package contains the camera, a battery pack, a micro USB cable, an action-camera/tripod mount, the Centr app, logo stickers and a waterproof case—for $399. However, consumers can obtain one from Kickstarter for $299. Mass production is scheduled to begin February 2015 with the first units shipped to Kickstarter backers. kickstarter.com