Datacolor SpyderX Tool Kits: SpyderX Capture Pro & Studio

Datacolor SpyderX Tool Kits: SpyderX Capture Pro & Studio

Datacolor SpyderX Capture Pro

Lawrenceville, NJ—Datacolor, a provider of color management solutions, launched two product bundles for photographers to manage their color workflow. SpyderX Capture Pro and SpyderX Studio both include the recently launched SpyderX color calibrator for monitors. The calibrator is the most accurate, fastest (4x faster) and easiest-to-use Spyder ever.

SpyderX Capture Pro Datacolor-Spyder-X-Pro SpyderX Capture Pro

The SpyderX bundle provides digital photographers with the essentials needed to manage color from image capture through editing. It includes Spyder LensCal to calibrate cameras, lenses and DSLR components. It also bundles Spyder Cube to set white balance and RAW conversion. In addition, it features Spyder Checkr, a next-level camera color calibration; and SpyderX Elite, a professional monitor calibration.

SpyderX Studio

Datacolor’s SpyderX Studio is an all-in-one photographic workflow solution for precision control from capture to editing and printing. It also includes: Spyder Cube to set white balance and RAW conversion; SpyderX Elite for professional monitor calibration; and Spyder Print, a printer profiler for any printer/ink/paper combination.

Datacolor SpyderX Studio

In addition, Datacolor’s SpyderX Capture Pro has a suggested retail price of $399.99. SpyderX Studio retails for $499.99.


A provider of color management solutions, Datacolor offers software, instruments as well as services to help assure accurate color of materials, products and images. The company also provides sales, service and support to more than 100 countries throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.