Datacolor Releases Next-Gen Spyder5Studio Color Calibration Suite for Photographers

Datacolor Releases Next-Gen Spyder5Studio Color Calibration Suite for Photographers


Lawrenceville, NJ—Datacolor, a provider of color management solutions, released Spyder5Studio, the next generation of its color calibration solution suite that color manages digital photo workflows.

“As a leader and longtime developer of color management products, we have seen firsthand the importance of color managing the workflow from start to finish,” said Heath Barber, manager, Imaging Market, Datacolor. “We have designed Spyder5Studio for professional and serious photographers seeking ultimate control of their entire workflow from capture, to edit, to print.”

Spyder5Studio features a collection of tools to help ensure photos are captured accurately, monitors display true-to-life colors and prints are matched precisely. For photographers who need a high level of control and accuracy, Spyder5Studio includes the Spyder5Elite colorimeter. The new color calibration solution adjusts monitors to an industry color reference standard so colors are accurate and shadow and highlight details are preserved, to ensure on-screen images match photo prints. Spyder5Elite is engineered to assure true screen color, thereby reducing editing time and providing better print matching so less ink and paper are wasted.

Spyder5Studio additionally includes camera and print solutions: SpyderCube, a portable device for photographers to set white balance, exposure, black level and highlight references based on lighting conditions when shooting images; and SpyderPrint, a spectrocolorimeter used to create custom RGB printer profiles, for all ink and paper combinations, to provide accurate screen-to-print matching. Combined, these tools are designed to enable photographers to capture consistent color from scene to camera and monitor to monitor, as well as accurate printing results.

Datacolor’s Spyder5Studio is now available for a suggested retail price of $279.