Familink Photo Frame Easily Shares with Seniors

Familink Photo Frame Easily Shares with Seniors


Quebec, Canada—Dedicated to helping non-connected people share moments, Familink has just launched a new photo frame. Family and friends can instantaneously send pictures to the Familink photo frame. In addition, the goal is to make picture sharing fun, easy and uncomplicated for senior family members

Current social distancing guidelines have made it more complicated than ever to share pictures and messages with seniors. Particularly those who are not tech savvy enough to participate in social media and video chats.

However, understanding that most seniors struggle with technology, Familink was inspired to create a nontechnical photo frame. As a result, the digital photo frame is completely plug-and-play; no installation or downloading is required.

Familink Photo Frame Features

Upon receiving the photo frame, seniors simply plug the frame into and outlet. They can immediately view photos as well as messages sent by family and friends. Moreover, the Familink digital frame 3G or 4G SIM card works in more than 100 countries and comes completely configured and installed. WiFi is also not required, which makes the photo frame easy to use in senior homes where Internet is not always available. Familink-photo frame Transfer-photo

Photos received by seniors are daily reminders that family remains close at heart, even if face-to-face visits are not possible.

The photo frame works in four steps:

1. Plug in the frame.

2. Share the frame reference number with family and friends.

3. Send photos via the Familink app, by email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

4. Seniors are able to watch photos and messages immediately.

The Familink photo frame is available for $169.


Alexis Legoff and Jiri Kosla created the digital frame company in 2016. The company markets connected photo frames for seniors who are not always comfortable with technology. Familink-Logo

Today, there are more than 10,000 frames in circulation for 65,000 users.