Argraph Corp. Offers Marumi Digital High Grade (DHG) Filters to Protect Lenses

Argraph Corp. Offers Marumi Digital High Grade (DHG) Filters to Protect Lenses


Carlstadt, NJ—Argraph, a supplier of photographic/imaging products, offers Marumi Digital High Grade (DHG) filters for digital cameras. Marumi DHG filters feature a digital super coating to provide the “ultimate performance and protection” for lenses.

Marumi Optical Company of Japan designed the DHG range of lens filters to eliminate the flare and ghosting prevalent when the CCD or CMOS chips in digital cameras convert light into electrical signals. The filters incorporate Marumi’s ultra-low reflection coating to increase light transmission, and to minimize internal reflection Marumi manufactured the DHG filters’ outer rim with an ultrathin matte black frame.

Marumi’s newest products include:

Super DHG Filters. For news, sports, nature and scientific photographers who shoot outdoors and in harsh environments, these filters are engineered for “extreme protection and heavy-duty use.” They have an extra-hard coating to help guard lenses from scratches are made to keep lenses clear by repelling dust and dirt while guarding against water and oil spots and smudges.

DHG Variable Neutral Density (Vari-ND) Filters.
To replace a range of traditional fixed ND filters, they continuously vary density from ND2 to ND400 to control depth of field and exposure in still and video photography, and maintain true color on the entire range.

DHG Achromat Macro Lenses.
Designed to shorten the focal length of a lens and enhance its macro mode capabilities, Marumi DHG) Achromat Macro filters are said to provide the “edge-to-edge sharpness, detail and clarity that professionals demand.”

Marumi DHG Filters also include lens protect, circular polarizers, UV L390 and special effects filters. They are available in standard sizes from 40.5mm to 95mm.