broncolor Intros Compact Siros and HMI F1600 Light Systems at photokina

broncolor Intros Compact Siros and HMI F1600 Light Systems at photokina


Union, NJ—broncolor introduced two new studio lighting products at photokina 2014: the brand-new Siros compact monolight and an enhanced addition to its HMI series.

broncolor’s new compact device is engineered for super-fast charging times and intuitive handling. At 400 and 800 joules, Siros will be available in two output versions as well as a basic and S model. The flash time curve in the new Siros is controlled by broncolor’s ECTC technology, which guarantees flash times of up to 1/13,000 s (t 0.5) and constant colors. Specs state the high-end S model offers charging times of 0.02 to 0.65 s at 400 joules, a control range of nine apertures, and is reducible to only 2 joules.

Siros is compatible with broncolor’s accessory range of light shapers for added creative possibilities. Two of these light shapers have been especially developed for Siros: an umbrella reflector that, combined with a lid, can be used for protection during transport; and an L40 reflector that’s optimized in size and, through a snap-in system, is easily extendable with a honeycomb grid.

Handling and menu navigation are said to be easy and intuitive with Siros. Both are regulated through a single control dial, which allows for aperture adjustments in 1/10 steps or, by using the new twist function, in full apertures.

Siros also integrates PocketWizard receivers, which allow it to work with already existing setups and also make the option of creative HyperSync photography possible, enabling a shutter speed of 1/8,000 s.

Also new with Siros is the bronControl app, which allows remote control of all functions. As soon as Siros has established a Wi-Fi network, different devices in the studio or outdoors are recognized via multicolored LEDs and can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

Starting at $999, Siros will be available mid-January 2015.

HMI F1600 Continuous Light. The HMI F1600 light system was announced as an addition to broncolor’s existing 200- to 800-watt continuous light range. The multipurpose light has a power output of 1600 watts and a unique bayonet system that allows the use of different reflectors, making it suitable for photographers with high requirements in terms of performance, shaping and color—both for still images and moving video.

With a variety of reflectors and soft boxes available as accessories or in a kit, its light can be shaped as needed. In combination with the broncolor Para light-shaping system, it creates new lighting possibilities and expands the high light yield further. The broncolor HMI F1600 also is dimmable while remaining color consistent and can be used with both flash and daylight. The light is designed to be flicker-free and geared for high-speed imagery. HMI F1600 will ship mid-January 2015.