Camera Buyers Weigh in on Top Camera Features

Camera Buyers Weigh in on Top Camera Features


NPD’s Consumer Tracking Service asked recent digital camera buyers to rank the importance of a variety of camera features in their new camera purchase decisions. Below is a table that reveals the top three motivators (highest percentage of “very important” or “extremely important” ratings) by camera price point paid.

Resolution trumps all other features across every single price point, and image stabilization was another common critical feature.

However, each price point arena has a unique feature that was more important to buyers in that particular price range. While small size was next in line for those who paid less, the ability to get high image quality in low light was a bigger factor among higher end camera buyers. In fact 70% of those paying $400 or more for their cameras stated that low-light capability was very or extremely important.—Liz Cutting, Director, Senior Imaging Analyst, The NPD Group