Canon Celebrates 11 Years of No. 1 Share in Global Interchangeable-Lens Camera...

Canon Celebrates 11 Years of No. 1 Share in Global Interchangeable-Lens Camera Market


Melville, NY—Canon USA, Inc., recently announced that its parent company, Canon Inc., is celebrating the fact that its EOS line of interchangeable-lens digital cameras (digital SLR and compact system cameras) has consistently maintained the No. 1 share worldwide in terms of volume within the interchangeable-lens digital camera market for 11 consecutive years from 2003–2013.

In addition to the interchangeable lenses, Canon also develops the key components—the CMOS image sensors and image processors—employed in its interchangeable-lens cameras, incorporating the most advanced of these technologies in the company’s flagship EOS-1D camera series.

By applying these technologies to other models as well, Canon has created a product lineup to respond to the needs of a range of users, from professionals to entry-level users, which the company believes has enabled it to maintain the top global share.

In 2003, at the dawn of digital SLR cameras, Canon introduced its EOS Digital Rebel SLR, a compact and lightweight user-friendly camera that set the stage for growth in the digital SLR market while. Since that time, Canon has launched a number of models for advanced-amateur users, including the EOS 5D camera series, which paved the way for digital SLR video recording.

In February 2014, Canon, Inc., reached an industry milestone as cumulative production of the EOS-series film and digital cameras surpassed the 70-million unit mark. And during the first half of 2014, cumulative production of Canon EF-series interchangeable lenses for EOS cameras is set to reach 100 million units.

In addition, Canon USA announced that its parent company, Canon Inc., reached another camera manufacturing milestone, as combined production of the company’s compact digital and interchangeable-lens digital cameras surpassed 250 million units on January 31, 2014.