Cokin and OmegaBrandess Show Snap! Kit for Compact System Cameras

Cokin and OmegaBrandess Show Snap! Kit for Compact System Cameras


Hampstead, MD—Cokin’s Snap! kit for compact system cameras, a revival of its A series, is distributed in the U.S. by OmegaBrandess. Since CSCs or mirrorless cameras are smaller than DSLRs, so are the lenses made for this category, and the Cokin Snap! kit was been made to fit this new generation of cameras and optics.

Aimed at photo enthusiasts, the kit includes an adapter ring, a filter holder, a full neutral density filter (ND4) and a graduated sunset filter. The adapter ring is available in five diameters: Ø37, Ø40.5, Ø43, Ø49 and Ø52. The diameter of the ring included in the kit is written on the packaging box. For those who have lenses of different diameters, they only have to change the adapter ring.

The filter holder snaps onto the adapter ring and can hold up to three filters at the same time, allowing creative combinations. The company says it takes no more than five seconds to snap the filter holder onto the ring and slide one or more filters into it.

The kits neutral density (ND4) filter, used to reduce the quantity of light that reaches the camera’s sensor, allows decreased shutter speeds to achieve motion blur (waterfalls, ocean, clouds, e.g.) and/or reduce the depth of field in very bright conditions. As it is neutral, the ND4 filter does not affect color rendition. The ND4 filter reduces the quantity of light by a factor of 2 f-stops.

The included sunset filter is a creative filter for simulating the colors of the setting sun at any time of the day. The filter is colored on its entire surface with a smooth graduation from a strong density area to a low density area. Sunset filter implies an exposure compensation of 1 f-stop.

The Cokin Snap! kit is now available, and the adapter rings, filter holder and a complete range of filters will soon follow as stand-alone products.