DIR January 6, 2015 Editor’s Note: The Broadening Scope of Imaging

DIR January 6, 2015 Editor’s Note: The Broadening Scope of Imaging


We are thrilled to once again be designated the Official Digital Imaging Media Partner of the 2015 International CES. This is due to our long-standing commitment to devoting 100% of our coverage to the digital imaging/photography industry in our magazine.

We take this designation seriously, because we believe it’s important to shine the light on our industry when it can so easily be lost in the breadth of product categories covered at this show. A simple walk down almost any aisle might overwhelm even the most seasoned trade show traveler. But you can always depend on Digital Imaging Reporter to put the industry in perspective, and define the importance of imaging in the consumer electronics landscape.

Just a few years ago, our charge might have been to highlight cameras and accessories and call it a day. But the world has certainly changed. Smartphones and tablets are just as integral to our category now as are mirrorless cameras and DSLRs. We understand the importance of not looking inwardly at the digital imaging category but rather understanding the nuances of the shifts in consumer trends and how they think about imaging today.

With this in mind, you’ll find in these pages my interview with Toru Iwaoka, the new president and CEO of Nikon Inc.; a review of the leading POV action cams in the market today; Stewart Wolpin’s take on the top smartphone cameras; and Jason Schneider’s view of the adventureproof camera market. And, of course, insightful views on the category by George Schaub and Michael McEnaney.

Look for continuing coverage of the show online and in future issues of our magazine. And be sure to download the DIR app so you can follow the news on your mobile device as well.

Don’t forget . . . wear comfortable shoes. It’s going to be a long week.