Joby Announces New Camera Strap Design for Comfort and Utility

Joby Announces New Camera Strap Design for Comfort and Utility


San Francisco, CA—Joby, a Daymen company, launched a line of “comfortable, high-performance” camera straps: the UltraFit Sling strap and 3-Way camera strap, both designed to accommodate CSC (compact system camera) and DSLR cameras. They are available in a quick-draw, cross-body design for men and women, in addition to a three-way wearing option.

“We opened up the possibilities for photographers to take their cameras anywhere and position on any surface with our breakthrough tripods,” said Michael Jue, director, Product Development. “Now we’re thrilled to offer a line of camera straps that combines the latest technology with premium materials to provide incredible comfort and quick camera access so photographers can shoot more efficiently on the go. Through rigorous testing with pro photographers, we’ve designed straps that make the camera feel lighter and conveniently accessible for hours, whether you’re shooting a breathtaking landscape on a hike or capturing a moment in a crowded tourist destination.”

The Joby team conducted extensive user studies with more than 500 photography professionals and enthusiasts and pinpointed how camera straps should fit and move on the body. This research resulted in the patent-pending UltraFit Sling strap ($49.99), with separate versions designed specifically for men and women. It is built with Joby’s UltraFit Layered-Pad technology for lightweight support without the bulk of thick padding. An ergonomically placed pivot ring and pressure-relieving foam pad allow the strap to conform to the shoulder and torso of the body and evenly distribute the weight of the camera for long-wearing comfort.

In both the men’s and women’s sling straps, the SpeedCinch system secures the camera and strap close to the body to free up the photographer’s hands and keep the camera secure when shooting in busy or crowded environments. When going for the next shot, the system automatically extends the strap length so the photographer can bring the camera to eye level in one motion. In both versions, stainless steel and glass-filled nylon plastic provide durability and a secure connection to a camera via a ¼-20-inch threaded accessory mount.

Joby designed the patent-pending 3-Way camera strap ($39.99) to offer photographers a versatile and portable solution with three wearing modes: wrist, neck and shoulder. An alternative to wrapping a neck/shoulder strap around the wrist, this compact strap is designed to minimize the photographer’s muscle fatigue with multiple ways to support the weight of the camera. The strap also allows quick access for impromptu shots in wrist mode or a hands-free option to change lenses in neck/shoulder mode. The strap uses retractable Dyneema cord (providing 90 pounds of tensile strength) to adjust the strap length and secure the camera in place.