Leica Camera Sets Schedule of 2012 Leica Akademie North America Workshops

Leica Camera Sets Schedule of 2012 Leica Akademie North America Workshops


Allendale, NJ—Leica Camera announced the Leica Akademie North America 2012 schedule with increased programming. Beginning on January 20, 2012 in Los Angeles, California, and concluding on August 25, 2012 in San Francisco, a series of 38 photographic lectures, workshops and hands-on learning days will travel to dedicated Leica aficionados throughout 16 cities in the United States and Canada.

New workshops—including Leica Destinations, Two Day Street Photography, Leica M9 Owners, and Available Light—join the Leica Weekends, Leica Compact Camera Photography, Leica Black-and-White Photography and Leica Digital-M Experience programs.

“We are excited to continue offering participants the opportunity to capture the decisive moment with a Leica in hand,” said Christian Erhardt, vice president, Marketing, Leica Camera, Inc. “Thanks to the popularity of the Akademie and invaluable customer feedback, we are pleased to announce an expanded range of workshops designed to cover an even broader spectrum of topics, increase the enjoyment of photography and deepen photographic knowledge.”

Following in the footsteps of the original German Akademie’s tradition dating back to 1934, the Leica Akademie North America was introduced in 2011. Throughout the initial four months of programming, the Akademie brought the Leica experience to hundreds of participants with such demand that additional workshops were added in Los Angeles, New York and Miami.

Open to experienced and entry-level photographers, the workshops are the premiere learning resource for Leica users. In addition to small class sizes and real-world shooting situations, each participant has access to experienced Leica instructors and guest photographers who provide coaching and inspiration through the sharing of their images, techniques and insights. All workshop attendees will receive a $150 voucher that can be used toward the purchase of a new serial-numbered Leica M product from any North American Leica dealer. The North America Leica Akademie 2012 includes eight programs highlighting the Leica portfolio.

Leica Weekends. These intensive weekends cover the essentials of Leica photography in two full days of hands-on learning. Held in five cities across North America, each workshop is led by a knowledgeable Leica instructor and a featured Leica photographer. From rangefinder basics to advanced techniques, this workshop is custom tailored to each host city. Program cities include: Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Las Vegas, Nevada; Palm Springs, California; and Toronto, Canada. The cost is $495.

Leica Destinations. These all-inclusive multiday photography experiences combine fine food and accommodations with immersive photography. Participants capture must-see spots and off-the-beaten-path local favorites while expanding their photographic knowledge in real-world shooting. The program takes place in Big Sur/ Monterey, California, April 23-26, 2012. Accommodations for the weekend are provided at the historic Casa Munras Resort and Spa. $1,699.95.

Leica Digital-M Experience. This full-day hands-on experiential workshop is designed for those new to digital rangefinder photography or prospective M camera owners wanting to test-drive the Leica M9. With a professional Leica Akademie instructor, the workshop serves as a comprehensive introduction to the M9 and its Leica M lenses. Participants will benefit from a two-hour field trial, instruction on how to get the most out of Leica M9 files, and instruction on basic Lightroom workflow. $199.

Leica M9 Owners Workshop. This practical session is designed for owners of the Leica M9, allowing them to shoot with their camera and lens while learning skills to enhance their M9 experience. They will learn from fellow M9 owners and a knowledgeable Leica Akademie instructor who is available to share tips, working methods and shooting techniques. The fluid nature of this workshop encourages group discussion, focusing on areas of interest or improvement. The workshop also includes the opportunity to review images as a group and explore postproduction methods in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. $199.

Leica Street Photography. This two-day program distills the essence of M-system street photography, which dates back to the flagship line’s introduction in 1954. The event is designed to provide inspiration to experienced M photographers and an introduction to the history and techniques that helped establish the photographic genre. The workshop pushes participants to try new techniques, with multiple shooting opportunities and feedback from a Leica Akademie instructor and a featured guest photographer. $349.

Leica Digital Black-and-White Photography. This workshop encourages participants to explore the monochromic world of black-and-white photography by pre-visualizing scenes in black and white. Participants will gain a more profound understanding of lighting, texture, contrast and tonal gradation. The program incorporates a class lecture and real-world shooting utilizing the Leica M9 or X1 cameras, with a focus on capturing images and processing with the easiest workflow. $249.

Leica Available Light Workshops. A hands-on shooting-intensive experience, this workshop provides a foundation to understanding and controlling all types of available light from natural, ambient outdoor to low indoor light. It explores how to overcome the obstacles involved in night photography and is timed to provide a variety of shooting situations. The workshop spans an afternoon and evening and challenges participants to apply techniques discussed in the classroom presentation. Key stops allow attendees to test their skills in various lighting situations. $249.

Leica Compact Camera Photography. Aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced shooters, this workshop enables participants to get the most out of their Leica compact cameras. Leica instructors will explain complex concepts, review the cameras’ exposure modes, scene modes and manual settings as well as answer questions. $150.

For a complete schedule and to register, log on to leicaakademie.com.