Lensbaby Adds Composer Pro Creative Effects Lens for Mirrorless System Cameras

Lensbaby Adds Composer Pro Creative Effects Lens for Mirrorless System Cameras


Portland, OR—Lensbaby’s Composer Pro SLR creative effects lens is now also available for Micro Four Thirds cameras, including Panasonic Lumix G Micro, Olympus Pen, Sony α NEX and Samsung NX compact system cameras. The Composer Pro for mirrorless cameras is compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap system and ships with the double glass optic installed.

“We’re excited to give mirrorless camera shooters full access to the Lensbaby Creative Effects system. With so many photographers opting for these smaller cameras for on-the-go shooting situations, our one lens with so many creative effect options will make a great addition to their setup,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby cofounder and chief creative officer.

The Composer Pro—launched in March 2011 and geared for discerning professional photographers and videographers who want to create creative imagery—refined and enhanced the original Lensbaby Composer with an upgraded swivel ball and focus mechanism. The metal swivel ball and refined focus mechanism are designed to deliver ultra-smooth focus and tilt control. The updated focus mechanism features a fluid, dampened focus ring that Lensbaby says is “comparable to the focus mechanisms of the highest quality professional manual focus lenses.”

The double glass optic, a 50mm f/2 selective focus optic, creates a “sweet spot” of sharp focus that photographers can move around the photo by tilting the Composer Pro’s swiveling lens body. The Composer Pro is compatible with the complete range of creative optics in the Lensbaby Optic Swap system, including the Edge 80, Sweet 35, fisheye, soft focus, pinhole/zone plate, single glass and plastic optics. Each optic can be swapped into the Composer Pro to deliver a different creative effect.

With the addition of the Composer Pro for mirrorless interchangeable-lens models, Lensbaby’s growing family of lenses now includes the Composer Pro for SLRs, Composer, Scout, Muse and the Control Freak lenses.

Lensbaby’s Composer Pro for mirrorless system cameras is available for $300. lensbaby.com