Lensbaby Introduces the Edge 80 Optic for Creative Control over Depth of...

Lensbaby Introduces the Edge 80 Optic for Creative Control over Depth of Field


Portland, OR—Lensbaby’s Edge 80 optic, the newest addition to its Optic Swap system, is compatible with the Lensbaby Composer Pro, Composer, Muse, Scout and Control Freak, transforming these bending lens bodies into a tilt lens that delivers a selective slice of sharp focus through an image. Like the Lensbaby Sweet 35 optic, it features Lensbaby’s internal 12-blade adjustable aperture.

“The Edge 80 optic allows photographers to create images with quality that is on-par with some of the best lenses I’ve ever used. Like a great lens mounted on a view camera bellows, you can make spectacular ‘straight’ photos with the Edge 80 pointed straight ahead and then, when you want a different look altogether, fluidly tilt the lens to create a razor sharp slice of selective focus through your image,” said Craig Strong, Lensbaby’s president and cofounder.

The Edge 80 is designed to provide a flat field of focus that, pointed straight ahead, takes photos that are sharp from edge to edge. Tilting the Edge 80 allows photographers to create vertical, horizontal and diagonal slices of focus through the image. Objects in both the foreground and the background can be in focus within that slice. Photographers can control the size of the slice of focus by changing the 12-blade aperture. For example, f/2.8 will produce a thin slice of focus with abundant blur; f/22 will produce a very wide slice of focus with just a small amount of blur. Photographers can change the 12-blade aperture from f/2.8 through f/22 by rotating the dial on the front of the optic.

With the addition of Edge 80 to the Optic Swap system, Lensbaby provides photographers with yet another way to creatively control depth of field. A photographer needs only to buy one Lensbaby lens to gain access to a system offering eight interchangeable optics that each give different ways to control depth of field and other creative effects.

With the Edge 80, photographers can control a flat field of focus that becomes a slice of sharpness through the photo when the lens is tilted. With Lensbaby’s Sweet 35, double glass, single glass and plastic optics, photographers can control a curved field of focus that brings one area of the photo into sharp focus with other areas at the same depth of field falling off into blur. The pinhole/zone plate provides infinite depth of field, the soft focus optic delivers a sharp image with a soft overlay from edge to edge, and the fisheye optic provides a 160º angle of view. $300. lensbaby.com