Manfrotto Completes Its Bridging Technology Series of Heads and Tripod Systems

Manfrotto Completes Its Bridging Technology Series of Heads and Tripod Systems


Upper Saddle Rive, NJ—Manfrotto Distribution, a provider of equipment and accessories for photography and imaging, recently released its 500 tripod head and four systems at NAB, completing the series of heads that incorporate their Bridging technology introduced three years ago.

“It is great that we are introducing the 500 heads as replacements for the 701HDV this year,” said Wayne Schulman, Sales & Product Manager, Video. “The 504HD, 509HD and the 502 heads have been a huge success, and Bridging technology has proven itself as a great design in the field. I look forward to extending this technology to smaller payloads that are handled by the MVH500AH flat base head and the MVH500A 60mm half ball version.”

Manfrotto’s Bridging technology was born out of the need for different payloads in different configurations to be balanced on the same tripod and tripod head. It also took into account the need for smooth, consistent, fluid movement required by the larger sensors. The ergonomic design of Bridging technology was developed for better handling of the weight variations while the inner workings of fluid cartridges and ball bearings were added to create a smooth and consistent fluidity.

A lightweight fluid head for use with the latest HD DSLRs and video cameras, the 500 replaces the 701HDV, becoming the smallest head to be built around Manfrotto’s Bridging technology. “The ‘hollowed out’ structure of Bridging technology heads gives the 500 a great advantage,” added Schulman. “Without sacrificing its low weight, it has a top plate that’s broader, for better support of the wider shape of DSLRs. The top plate is also longer, so its sliding plate has a greater range of adjustment to balance the shifting center of gravity of a DSLR or camcorder used with interchangeable prime and zoom lenses.”

Manfrotto also made the 500 faster to set up and safer to use. A new side lock lever allows the camera and sliding quick-release plate to click quickly into the head from above. And there is only one locking control to release, so the camera lifts easily out from above. The 500 is set to a fixed counterbalance of 5 pounds, but locking power on the tilt axis is said to ensure the head is stable under camera equipment weighing up to 11 pounds. To allow an external monitor or other accessory equipment to be fitted and supported, the 500 has an industry-standard 3/8″ connector.

The 500 and 502 heads are also available with a flat base that allows for use on sliders and mini-jibs. The four heads are available in aluminum tripod systems and carbon fiber tripod systems.