Manfrotto Enhances its Modular Video Rig System with Sympla 2.0

Manfrotto Enhances its Modular Video Rig System with Sympla 2.0


Upper Saddle River, NJ—Manfrotto, a global manufacturer of photo, video and lighting support products and accessories, made a number of enhancements to its Sympla modular video rig system, introducing Sympla 2.0.

The Sympla 2.0 incorporates a number of subtle but important design modifications, all of which have been implemented to ensure compatibility with the latest camera technologies, while enhancing performance, comfort and setup times. Built for flexibility and speed, the Sympla 2.0 allows users to adjust anything and everything. For use with DSLRs and interchangeable-lens camcorders, the rig is designed to provide support of camera equipment on the videographer’s shoulder with swivel-joint handles for control.

“Following feedback on our original Sympla system, we have made a number of significant and important improvements that allow existing and future users to keep their Sympla rigs updated with the latest camera technologies,” said Thomas Howley, product manager of Video for Manfrotto Distribution, Inc. “These design modifications ensure videographers with the best performance, quickest set-up time, and comfort during use.”

Key features of the upgraded Sympla include: a weight reduction with lighter weight components that make the rig more manageable to carry; improved ergonomics with new padding and a lighter aluminum shoulder mount; and more precise control, with full compatibility with a range of DSLR remotes that fit directly to the handgrips, allowing control of framing and camera functions without the user moving their hands from the grip or eyes from the viewfinder.

The Sympla product line is now available in two configurations, the lightweight shoulder mounted rig (MVA525WK) and the Sympla universal mount (MVA511WK-1). Customers also have the ability to purchase additional accessories, such as:

  • Padded Shoulder Mount: The padding allows for a better grip on the videographer’s shoulder, while the new aluminum structure makes the shoulder mount lighter in weight. It’s specially designed to shape around the user’s body and textured for grip and comfort when filming. It has a solid connection with Sympla rods, due to the built-in universal mount.
  • RC2 Mount: The operating height of the camera can be set at two positions to suit the dimensions of the camera body and lens. The quick release plate is engineered to provide a fast, secure connection between the camera and rig.
  • 80mm H-Offset: The lighter, smaller offset is designed for ergonomic use and is also available in a 160mm version.
  • Light Counterweight: The new 0.8kg counterweight screws to the Sympla shoulder pad via a 3/8-inch thread. It can be used with the new aluminum spacer, which moves the counterweight further back and helps balance front-loaded equipment.
  • Rods (150 and 300mm): A pair of improved standard 15mm diameter rods offer better scratch-resistance and are fitted with1/2-inch to 13UNC screw junctions.
  • Easy Link Connectors and Connectors for Rods: Easy Link 3/8-inch connectors allow external monitors and accessory equipment to be fitted to and supported by the Sympla. The connectors can be attached to bridging heads or Sympla plates. Connectors with 1/2-inch to 13UNC screws allow rods to be interconnected and extended. Both accessories are made of red-anodized aluminum.
  • Handle Extensions and Counterweight Extension Tubes: Machined aluminum spacers are fitted to the Sympla’s adjustable handles to lengthen them. The spacers also adapt the handles for use with the Manfrotto clamp and joystick remote control units. Aluminum spacers allow for moving the counterweight further back, to balance the load carried in front of the shoulder.
  • Fig Rig Sympla Adapter: This accessory allows the user to assemble a universal mount in the center of the Fig Rig to extend it and use it in conjunction with Sympla rails and components.

Manfrotto’s Sympla 2.0 video rig system MVA525WK is priced at $778, and the MVA511WK-1 is $1,028. Accessories range from $23 to $778.