Manfrotto’s New 290 Collection of Tripods & Monopods

Manfrotto’s New 290 Collection of Tripods & Monopods


Upper Saddle River, NJ—Manfrotto, manufacturer of premium photo, video and lighting support products, launched the 290 Collection, a renewed range of tripods, kits and monopods geared for passionate hobbyists.

The new 290 line keeps the heritage of the previous 290 Manfrotto family while upgrading its component products to a premium style with a simple set of functions. Made in Italy, the collection is composed of three tripod models, the 290 Light, 290 Xtra, 290 Dual, and a new version of the 290 monopod. All are backed by a 10-year warranty.

290 Light. Like all the 290 tripods, it has a solid aluminum body that, together with its adjustable aluminum leg locks, makes it a portable yet reliable support. This series comes in two kitted versions, bundled with a foldable three-way head or a compact ball head.

Manfrotto 290 Light Kit

290 Xtra. Boasting a new style and technical functions, it has become more flexible thanks to the new four-leg angle positions that allow photographers to be more creative. Available in aluminum with ergonomic control, the 290 Xtra is built to provide solid support with an adjustable aluminum leg lock. The aluminum version comes as a stand-alone tripod or in three kit options: ball head; a new three-way head; or a two-way fluid head. Consumers can choose the carbon fiber version with lightweight carbon composite tubes. The carbon version is available as a stand-alone tripod and in a kit with a ball head or a new three-way head. The 290 Xtra, in its tripod-leg only and kit versions, comes with a dedicated shoulder bag.

Manfrotto 290 Xtra Kit

290 Dual. Representing a natural connection between the 290 and the higher end family of the Manfrotto offering, the 190 and the 055, this tripod keeps the sturdy construction of the 290 with a patented 90° column mechanism. When required, the center column lifts out with one-finger action and swings to the horizontal position without disassembly. This feature, together with the four-leg angle positions, enables the tripod to reach ground level. It also provides enhanced support with its adjustable aluminum leg lock and aluminum construction.

Manfrotto 290 Dual Kit

The 290 Xtra and 290 Dual both boast the new, compact 804 three-way head that features retractable levers with ergonomic rubber handles.

290 Monopod. An updated version of the Manfrotto 290 monopod, it has a technopolymer upper disc with grooves to increase camera stability, as well as ¼- and 3/8-inch attachments for camera and head. Both the aluminum and carbon fiber four-section versions include a new rubber legwarmer to increase grip and an angled wrist strap.

Manfrotto’s new 290 collection and the 804 three-way head are available now and range in price from $49.99 to $299.99.