Nikon Adds Entry-Level DSLR

Nikon Adds Entry-Level DSLR


As the DSLR wars continue to heat up, it’s interesting to see the lower-end of that market getting most of the action lately. Nikon has introduced, what to date, is their lowest priced DSLR with the introduction of the D40 – priced at $599 with lens. This 6-megapixel model has been dramatically slimmed down from previous D-series models and features a menu system specifically designed for the newbie DSLR user.

We were particularly impressed with Nikon’s “assist images” feature that displays sample images for each camera setting to help users pick the right one while a retouch menu lets users correct mistakes — like red eye or under exposure — after they happen. Once in this “retouch” mode the user can crop photos or add a variety of filter effects to images.

The D40 also includes a burst mode of 2.5 frames per second up to 100 photos, eight scene modes, including a new “flash off” mode that kills the flash and automatically boosts ISO for low light settings and a 2.5-inch, bright LCD, something now becoming common place on the entry-level DSLRs.

The $599 bundle includes a 3x optical zoom Nikkor lens (18-55mm) and works with all of Nikon’s AF-S and AF-I Nikkor lenses. Should be a fun, and profitable, year ahead in this category.