Nikon’s Nikkor Lens Production Hits 80-Million Mark in 80th Year

Nikon’s Nikkor Lens Production Hits 80-Million Mark in 80th Year


Melville, NY—Nikon Corporation is celebrating the achievement of reaching the 80-million milestone for the total production of Nikkor and 1 Nikkor lenses for Nikon SLR cameras and Nikon 1 compact system cameras, respectively—in the year that marks the 80th anniversary of the Nikkor lens brand.

In January 2013, Nikon announced two additions to the Nikkor line, including the AF-S Nikkor 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR, a super-telephoto lens compatible with Nikon’s FX-format DSLRs that offers the longest focal length in the history of Nikkor autofocus (AF) lenses. The second was the compact AF-S Nikkor 18–35mm f/3.5–4.5G ED wide-angle zoom lens. In March, the 5x telephoto-zoom AF-S Nikkor 80–400mm f/4.5–5.6G ED VR was introduced, offering one of the fastest AF speeds in its class.

Nikon also released two lenses for Nikon 1 compact interchangeable-lens cameras in January—the 1 Nikkor VR 10–100mm f/4–5.6, 10x zoom lens and the ultra-wide-angle 1 Nikkor VR 6.7–13mm f/3.5–5.6 lens. These were followed up in May by the fastest lens in the 1 Nikkor family—the 1 Nikkor 32mm f/1.2, a medium telephoto fixed focal length lens with a maximum aperture of f/1.2. The current lineup of interchangeable lenses for Nikon 1 cameras currently consists of nine lenses.

With this year marking the 80th anniversary of the launch of the Nikkor brand of photographic lenses in 1933, Nikon produced a video that highlights the creation of Nikkor lenses from fabrication and the refining and polishing of the glass elements to lens construction and quality control. The video can be viewed at

The Nikkor name comes from adding “R”—a common practice in the naming of photographic lenses at the time the name was established—to “Nikko,” the Romanized abbreviation for Nippon Kogaku K.K. Nikon’s lineup of lenses for interchangeable-lens cameras consists of 80+ types of lenses, including ultra-wide-angle to super-telephoto lenses, fisheye lenses, zoom lenses, micro lenses and PC-E lenses, as well as 1 Nikkor lenses.