Phase One Announces New, Affordable Camera-Leasing Options

Phase One Announces New, Affordable Camera-Leasing Options


Melville, NY—Phase One, a provider of open-platform, high-end camera systems, launched a new pay-for-use camera-leasing program in the United States and Canada. For a monthly fee as low as $379, the program offers photographers the ability to lease their choice of a new Phase One P40+, P65+, IQ140, IQ160, IQ180, IQ260 or IQ280 camera system for 36 months.

The new program, with value-added service, offers prices as much as 34% lower than a standard lease agreement. At the close of the lease, gear will be returned to the dealer, and at that time, customers are eligible for a new lease that offers access to the latest available equipment.

For example, a P40+ digital back only with value-added service and a list price of $16,990 is available now for $379 per month. And an IQ260 value-added camera system capable of one-hour exposures and wireless support with an 80mm Schneider-Kreuznach Leaf shutter lens and a purchase price of $43,990 is available for lease at $969 per month.

Current Phase One customers wishing to upgrade to a new system will receive cash payments for their gear when they sign up for this lease. They will enjoy all the benefits of pay-for-use—namely, more affordable payments and access to the latest technology. This program is made possible through an agreement between Phase One and FotoFunding and Equicapital in the United States, and with Equilease in Canada.

The new camera-leasing program is available for the lease of either a digital back only or a complete Phase One camera system, including a digital back and value-added service, for a period of three years.