Photojojo Adds Two DSLR Accessories to Help Shoot Video Like the Pros

Photojojo Adds Two DSLR Accessories to Help Shoot Video Like the Pros


San Francisco, CA—Photojojo introduced two accessories to help photographers shoot better video with their digital SLRS: the Oh! Wow. Ring Light surrounds the lens with LEDs that provide even light at three brightness settings; and the Focus Shifter fits on any lens to give users a handle for maximum control of the focus ring and includes a marker board to set the focus points before shooting.

Oh! Wow. Ring Light. Providing a constant light source, the ring light fits Canon and Nikon DSLRs. It has a constant mode for videos and a flash mode for stills. Users can plug it into a DSLR’s hot shoe and pop it onto the front of the attached lens for even lighting with three brightness options. Since the light comes from all around the lens, it cuts down on harsh shadows, making the Oh! Wow. Ring Light geared for portraits, indoor pictures and macros.

Other features include: the ability to take it off the camera and place it anywhere as an extra light source; it’s powered by four AA batteries, so it can be used off-camera; and it includes adapters for all standard lenses (49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72 and 77mm). The Oh! Wow. Ring Light retails for $99.

Focus Shifter.
Designed to make manual focus smoother and easier, and reduce shake while shifting focus, it gives users creative control and helps add a more cinematic look to videos. The Focus Shifter is a two-part gadget: a handle for adjusting the focusing ring and a marker board to help users track just where they want to focus. Photographers can use a dry erase marker to keep track of several focus points or use clips to set hard stops.

The device enables users to shift focus without taking their eyes off of the action and to change focus seamlessly from one subject to another. They can set the focus points ahead of time, so they don’t miss a mark. The Focus Shifter fits any lens up to 98mm. $49.