Photojojo Releases New Accessories for DSLRs

Photojojo Releases New Accessories for DSLRs


San Francisco, CA—Photojojo, the online accessory store for all things imaging, released three new accessories aimed at DSLR users.

Nautical Camera Bag.
This nautical-themed bag is designed to streamline function and fashion. The bag is quality crafted with both water-resistant exterior faux leather and interior cotton, to protect gear from splashes and rain. It has three padded compartments that keep gear safe, while its vegan leather and nautical stripes make a fashion statement.

Users can remove and arrange the interior Velcro pads to accommodate their gear. In addition to the roomy main compartment, the Nautical bag has three external pockets and two zippered enclosures to accommodate camera and personal items.

Measuring 14×10.5×4.75 inches, it fits a standard DSLR plus flash and extra lens. Other features include minimal brushed metal hardware and a removable shoulder strap. SRP: $109.

Leather Camera Lasso.
For photographers looking for something other than standard black accessories, this strap features neutral tones and a clean design. The Lasso is designed to keep a camera secure while photographers safely reach out for otherwise hard-to-get shots.

It’s made from high-quality, Chicago-bred leather and is easy to attach to any camera with a strap loop. Users slip a hand through the looped side and clip the other end to a camera. When finished shooting, they can wrap the Lasso around their wrist or keep it clipped it to the camera.

Sporting a minimal, classic look, the Lasso is robust enough to handle any DSLR, with its metal hardware made from marine-grade stainless steel. $64.

Expedition Wooden Tripod.
Built the same way for more than 100 years by dedicated craftsmen, this sturdy wooden tripod is crafted in Germany by Berlebach and built to last a generation.

Made of sustainably harvested ash wood that’s cured for two years, the tripod is said to handle extreme temperatures from the Sahara to the Arctic. Precision fittings keep the camera steady, while solid wood legs absorb vibration naturally. The interlocking design extends from 2 to 6 feet, but an aluminum core keeps it light. In addition, it has thick-gauge, spiked retractable feet designed to keep it steady no matter the terrain and long-lasting, twisting leg locks.

Weighing in at 6.8 pounds, the Expedition wooden tripod is rated to hold loads up to 26.4 pounds. $290.