PromarkBrands Acquires Speedotron Corp. to Expand Lighting Solution Offerings

PromarkBrands Acquires Speedotron Corp. to Expand Lighting Solution Offerings


Bartlett, IL— PromarkBrands, a U.S.-based designer, manufacturer, engineer and distributor of photographic and video lighting products and light-shaping accessories, acquired the assets of Speedotron Corporation. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Speedotron designs and manufactures affordable flash lighting systems.

The acquisition will expand PromarkBrands’ current family of products, which includes Photogenic Professional Lighting, Norman, Smith-Victor, Cool-Lux and Logan Electric.

“We are extremely pleased to add Speedotron to our family of products, as it is a leading brand in the commercial lighting systems category,” said Ken Orlando, president of PromarkBrands. “Speedotron has a solid foundation in the photographic market and provides high-quality equipment at an affordable price, which is something we look for in our brands. We are dedicated to providing photographers with a wide range of lighting products and accessories to meet all their shooting needs and this acquisition strengthens that commitment.”

Speedotron originally introduced its products to the photo industry in 1939. Today, it offers two product lines, the Brown line and the Black line, which are specifically designed for photographers with different needs. The Brown line is considered a portrait system and is designed to provide the best value for photographers who don’t require high speed and power. The Black line is a commercial system targeted at those who need very fast speeds and high power.

Through the remainder of the year, PromarkBrands will transition Speedotron sales, service and manufacturing operations to Promark’s facility in Bartlett, Illinois. It’s expected that the close physical proximity of the two companies should give way to a seamless transition. and