Redrock Micro’s ultraCage and ultraBase: Added Functionality for Video-Capable DSLRs

Redrock Micro’s ultraCage and ultraBase: Added Functionality for Video-Capable DSLRs


Dallas, TX—Redrock Micro is highlighting its ultraCage DSLR and ultraBase support for video-enabled DSLRs. The ultraCage DSLR is designed to convert a DSLR camera body into a more functional, stable moviemaking device.

While HD video DSLRs deliver advanced movie features and outstanding results, their form factor limits the stability of shots and the ability to adapt accessories that are commonplace for high-quality filmmaking. Redrock has evolved its products along with DSLRs to offer better solutions for shooting high-quality movies with DSLR rigs.

The ultraCage DSLR is engineered to deliver solid support and stability for DSLRs. It secures the camera body at three points: it screws into the camera base; fastens to the top hot shoe; and locks the camera in place with an anti-rotation pin. The cage supports a variety of DSLR bodies and has been tested with the Canon 60D, 7D, 5D MKII, 5D MKIII, and Nikon D800/ D800e. It allows access to all doors and buttons, and the cage can stay on the camera when shooting stills.

The ultraCage DSLR’s 15mm bottom rails permits the attachment of accessories such as a matte box, follow focus or lens support. Its built-in 15mm top rail support is geared for adding accessories users want to keep with a camera on every setup, such as camera-top monitors or remote focus motors.

The cage surrounds the camera with 22 mounting holes (standard 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch) for attaching and positioning accessories to create any type of rig, from handheld to studio. Redrock’s Ultra series can extend the ultraCage with extended top and bottom rails, triple the mounting points and additional mounting plates for advanced accessories such as external batteries, external recorders, audio units and remote focusing. In addition, the powerPack universal accessory offers a powered cage option so camera-top accessories and the camera itself can be powered from a single source using an external battery.

Redrock offers prebuilt bundles for handheld, shoulder-mount, and studio setups based on the original ultraCage. Using Redrock’s 400+ cinema accessories and building blocks, rigs can be created to fit any shooting style and budget.

With a lifetime warranty and made in the USA, Redrock’s ultraCage DSLR and ultraBase retail for $595 and $299, respectively.