Redrock Offers Black Line of DSLR Rigs and Cinema Accessories

Redrock Offers Black Line of DSLR Rigs and Cinema Accessories


Dallas, TX—Redrock Micro, a provider of affordable, professional-level cinema accessories, announced its Redrock Black line of DSLR cinema rigs and accessories for production professionals. Redrock Black premium camera support also offers priority services and incentives through membership to Redrock Concierge.

“The DSLR revolution made Redrock the recognized leader for our award-winning DSLR rigs, but Redrock has been making gear for digital cinema cameras even longer than that,” said James Hurd, chief revolutionist at Redrock Micro. “We introduced the Redrock Black line to clearly distinguish our really great products for higher end cameras, and to better serve customers who want the very best in products and support.”

Redrock has been used in thousands of feature films and television productions, by such noted names as Ron Howard, Shane Hurlbut, Rodney Charters and Vincent Laforet.

The Redrock Black line consists of cinema accessories and rigs designed for today’s digital cinema cameras. The lineup includes the ultraCage system for Canon EOS Cinema cameras, Sony F and FS series, Red Digital Cinema and Blackmagic cinema cameras. Highlighting the line is the ultraCage Black Professional series DSLR 15mm cinema bundle ($1,250)—a rig for studio-style productions where most of the shots have the DSLR camera on tripod, dolly or Steadicam.

Designed to maximize stability, the DSLR ultraCage includes the core base plate and form-fitting camera cage. It addition to a tripod attachment, the rear chassis cage creates a top- and bottom-rail setup and 48 additional mounting points. The ultraCage blue top handle can be configured for single, single with double-clamp and double top handle to strike a balance between strength and light weight.

The bundle also comes in an optional powered cage configured by adding the Redrock powerPack accessory, which attaches to the ultraCage and delivers regulated power to any DSLR and two additional accessories.

Qualifying Redrock Black products come with free membership to Redrock Concierge, a set of services and incentives to inspire and support video professionals. Benefits range from complimentary rig tune-ups and live Skype setup assistance to special incentives and rewards at events and online.