Ricoh Imaging’s Medium-Format 645Z DSLR: 51.4 Megapixels & Full HD Video Recording

Ricoh Imaging’s Medium-Format 645Z DSLR: 51.4 Megapixels & Full HD Video Recording


Denver, CO—Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation introduced the Pentax 645Z medium-format DSLR and several 645 lenses. Built on the legacy of the Pentax 645D and the historic Pentax 645 film cameras, the 645Z provides improvements and upgrades.

Featuring a 51.4 megapixel CMOS image sensor—with an imaging area 1.7x larger than that of a 35mm full-size sensor—that combines with a Prime III imaging engine with noise-reduction capabilities and an anti-aliasing filter-less design, the 645Z is engineered to produce super-high-resolution images with a realistic sense of depth combined. The sensor also enables live view on a LCD panel.

The 645Z is the first medium-format to offer video recording. It can capture Full HD clips (1,920×1,080, 60i/30p frame rate) in the H.264 format, with a shallow depth of field for effectively blurred backgrounds. And it provides interval video recording of 4K resolution (3,840×2,160 pixels) in Motion JPEG or AVI video formats. In addition to the built-in stereo microphone, it also has a stereo mike terminal for external microphone connection and an audio level control function.

“Our diverse lineup of DSLRs enables us to offer professional tools like the 645Z at a price point within reach of many photographers,” said Jim Malcolm, executive vice president, Ricoh Imaging. “Today’s photographers are looking to differentiate their craft and the 645Z offers the perfect option as an exceptional medium-format camera that does not sacrifice in quality or specification, with affordability.”

Other enhancements include a more responsive shooting experience that continuously captures 10 RAW images (or 30 in JPEG L) at three images per second and a maximum shutter speed of 1/4,000 second. It also provides a top ISO of 204,800 for quality images even in situations with very low light or pushing for higher shutter speeds in all lighting conditions.

The camera’s articulated, antireflective 3.2-inch LCD monitor has 1,037,000-dot resolution and allows photographers to capture waist-level, high- and low-angle images. In addition, it has a trapezoid-shaped glass prism, in place of a conventional pentaprism, to assure compact dimensions. Its optical viewfinder provides a 98% field of view to facilitate composition, while a natural-bright-matte focusing screen offers a sharp viewfinder image for easier focusing and reduced eye fatigue.

The 645Z has a magnesium alloy frame and a die-cast aluminum chassis that’s complemented by 76 weather seals for a cold-resistant, weather-resistant and dustproof shooting experience.

Additionally, with dual card slots, the 645Z is compatible with the recently introduced Flu memory card, which allows for remote operation of the 645Z, including the ability to release the shutter, view a live view or browse and download the images recorded on the card using a wireless connection to a smartphone, tablet, computer or any web-browser-enabled device.

In conjunction with the launch of the Pentax 645Z, Ricoh Imaging announced the availability of 13FA 645 lenses to support an wider variety of optics.

The Pentax 645Z will ship June 2014 for an SRP of $8,499.95 body only.

The new FA 645 lenses are available now for the following prices:
SMC-FA 645 75mm f/2.8, $839
SMC-FA 645 45mm f/2.8, $1,319
SMCP-FA 645 150mm f/2.8 (IF), $1,679
SMC Pentax-FA* 645 300mm f/4 ED (IF), $4,799.95
SMC-FA 645 400mm f/5.6 ED IF, $3,479
SMC-FA 645 Zoom 45–85mm f/4.5, $2,879
SMCP-FA 645 120mm f/4 Macro, $1,679
SMCP-FA 645 200mm f/4 (IF), $1,319
SMCP-FA 645 80–160mm f/4.5, $2,519
SMCP-FA 645 33–55mm f/4.5 AL, $3,239
SMCP-FA 645 Zoom 150–300mm f/5.6 ED, $3,239
SMCP-FA 645 35mm f/3.5, $1,919
SMCP-FA 645 55–110mm f/5.6, $2,039