Samyang Offers 12mm 1:2.0 NCS Lens for Compact System Cameras

Samyang Offers 12mm 1:2.0 NCS Lens for Compact System Cameras


Masan, South Korea—Samyang announced a wide-angle 12mm NCS CS lens designed for mirrorless APS-C cameras fitted with a high-resolution sensor. Samyang Optics reports that the affordable lens will provide “technical parameters and potential that can easily compete with the best wide-angle prime and zoom lenses available on the market.”

The Samyang 12mm will provide a wide angle of view of 98.9º and a rectilinear image mapping function. Owing to a large aperture of f/2.0, the lens is engineered to perform even in poor lightning conditions. Optical construction of the lens comprises 12 elements divided into 10 groups. The components include one aspherical lens (ASP) and one hybrid aspherical lens (H-ASP). There are also three lenses made of ED glass with extremely low dispersion factor.

Technologically, the 12mm NCS CS lens is the most advanced Samyang lens to date, and it features nano crystal antireflective coating better light transmission, higher resistance to reflections and higher contrast.

The lightweight, compact Samyang 12mm 1:2.0 NCS CS lens will come with a removable lens hood and 67mm filter mount. It will be offered in Canon EF-M, Fujfilm X, Micro Four Thirds, Sony E and Samsnung NX mounts. Pricing and availability will be announced.