Sun Sniper Adds Backpack Strap and Strap Surfer to Line

Sun Sniper Adds Backpack Strap and Strap Surfer to Line


Edison, NJ—Sun Sniper, part of the Bron Imaging group, announced two new straps: the Backpack Strap, which allows photographers to transform their current backpack into a camera carrying system, and the Strap Surfer, which enables the same transformation to courier or messenger bags.

The straps are equipped with the same stainless steel “Bear” ball-bearing camera connector that is standard on most Sun Sniper straps. Both feature a shock absorber system to cushion movement, while a steel antitheft wire inside the design protects cameras from would-be thieves attempting to cut the strap. In fact, Sun Sniper is so certain of this technology that they provide up to $500 insurance if a thief should be successful at cutting through the strap.

The straps are also designed to permit the camera to settle at the side, weighted evenly by the additional support of the backpack or the messenger bag, as well as allow it to glide from the side of the user’s body to his or her eye in one motion.

The Sun Sniper Backpack Strap has an MSRP of $67; the Sun Sniper Strap Surfer retails for $96.