Zeiss Launches New Online Photography Platform: Lenspire from Zeiss

Zeiss Launches New Online Photography Platform: Lenspire from Zeiss


Thornwood, NY—Zeiss introduced its new online platform, Lenspire, which is designed “to take communication with customers to a new level.” At lenspire.zeiss.com, photographers can learn about photography and exchange ideas. The website includes product reviews, background reports and a platform for open dialog.

“With Lenspire, we are pursuing an educational approach by emphasizing a professional dialog and direct contact between Zeiss experts and the user, as well as between the users themselves,” said Nicole Balle, the marketing manager for the Americas at Zeiss. “They will receive up-to-date information on using the products and can engage in discussions while they inspire and motivate each other. The focus is on the theme ‘photography as a passion.’”

Visitors to Lenspire can explore six different categories:

Photographic Genres.
Designed as a place of inspiration, at this area photographers will have the opportunity to get to know different areas of application.

Visitors will be able to have a “fun and lively” discussion about trends in photography, and they can share their thoughts. Questions are welcome.

Ambassadors. Here, the Zeiss Camera Lenses Ambassadors communicate their fascination with photography. Visitors can get to know them and their work.

Helping Zeiss users make the right choice for their equipment, this category offers information on cameras and adapter solutions.

Zeiss has been producing camera lenses for more than 100 years. This category allows Zeiss users to benefit from Zeiss experts and their know-how, as well as exchange ideas with them.

In this category, users will find all the important news from the world of Zeiss, including events, online tutorials and webinars.

“It’s important to us to not only explain different applications but also to present our ambassadors as mentors and to help users take advantage of their expertise,” added Balle. “Lenspire is intended to be a continuously improving platform for ideas and inspiration in the area of photography.”

“With Lenspire, we are setting new standards and are engaging with our target groups as equals. We would like to have an open dialog with our users,” explained Dr. Simone Zaha, senior director, Marketing & Communications, Consumer Optics, Zeiss. lenspire.zeiss.com