DJI Releases the Osmo Image-Stabilized Handheld Camera

DJI Releases the Osmo Image-Stabilized Handheld Camera


Los Angeles, CA—DJI, the company known for its drone cameras, announced the DJI Osmo, a completely integrated, fully stabilized 4K camera for use on the ground.

The Osmo includes features to shoot moving hyper-lapse and stationary time-lapse photos and videos as well as tripod-free long exposures. Its Zenmuse X3 camera works with a 3-axis stabilization system to shoot smooth 4K video at 24, 25 or 30 frames per second or capture 12 megapixel blur-free photos in Adobe DNG RAW. The Osmo is also compatible with the all-new Zenmuse X5 camera series with large M4/3 sensors.

In addition, its automatic panorama mode helps make shooting 360° panoramas easy: Users can hold the Osmo above their heads and tap the shutter button, enabling the camera to rotate and capture images as it goes around while staying level.

They can also take crisp long-exposure shots without a tripod. The stabilization system in the Osmo keeps the camera still so users can freehand capture stills of up to 2 seconds or longer. This also permits users to capture nighttime cityscapes or creatively blur out a subject’s background.

The grip on the Osmo is built to ergonomically fit the palm of a hand, with buttons and controls conveniently placed to keep important functions by the user’s thumb for instant access. The control handle also includes an integrated microphone for onboard audio recording, with advanced controls like audio gain settings, as well as a standard 3.5mm port for plugging in an external microphone.

For remote shooting, a smartphone can be placed in the handle’s phone holder, so the phone can be used to see what the camera sees. All of the Osmo’s intelligent shooting modes and DJI’s smart shooting modes can be controlled and triggered by remote control from within the DJI GO app on the smartphone.

Other features include: a 94º field-of-view lens; a sleep mode that enables Osmo to automatically “sleep” to extend battery life after it has been set down for a certain amount of time; a tripod mount to place Osmo on a tripod for added stability or long-distance control; and a bike mount.

DJI’s Osmo will retail for $649.