DNP Introduces DS40 Luxury Metallic Media for Vibrant Printing

DNP Introduces DS40 Luxury Metallic Media for Vibrant Printing


Concord, NC—DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation introduced the Luxury Metallic media line for its DS40 printer. The “unique Metallic media accentuates eye-popping color for vibrant images, bringing out the bright energy and detail in each photo,” the company announced.

Luxury Metallic Media Properties

With a metallic layer that will bring prints to life, DNP’s Luxury Metallic media increases the contrast and shadows. It also boasts vibrancy to bring out the details in sports, wildlife, landscapes, sunsets and cityscape photographs. In addition, DNP developed new color profiles to reveal more detail and turn photographs into fine art.

“DNP developed Luxury media to bring something new to the growing, diverse demands for commercial and personal prints,” said Shinichi Yamashita, president of DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation. “Now photographers can easily elevate as well as expand their customer print options with stunning prints. Customers who have used Luxury media with the DS620A and DS820A have found great success. We’re excited to bring expanded printing opportunities to customers with the DS40 as well.”

DNP-DS40-w-output luxury metallic media

DNP’s DS40 printer is a compact, affordable digital photo printer that uses high-resolution dye-sublimation technology. It features a front-loading ergonomic design as well as a donor ribbon with color dye. In addition, the DS40 can produce high-quality 5×7- and 6×8-inch images. It is also compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

DNP’s Luxury media is also available for its DS620A and DS820A printers in Metallic and Silver Pearl versions.

DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation

DNP IAM is a 100% U.S. subsidiary of Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. Moreover, Dai Nippon Printing is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dye-sublimation media for photo and card printers, as well as thermal transfer ribbons for barcode printers.

In addition, DNP IAM offers a broadest selection of solutions for the photo retail market. Its products are designed to address retailers’, photo event imaging operators’ and system integrators’ specific business goals and objectives. Its manufacturing, sales and development offices of dye-sublimation media for photo printers are located in Concord, North Carolina.